Citadel DLC Ramble Part 1: Identity Theft

Well, this is it, the final ramble of the Mass Effect trilogy’s fun DLCs. I decided to save this one for last being the most recent one that was added to ME3 and probably the most enjoyable in many ways. Whether it’s the story, or the new area you get to explore with all the fun things you can do with new interactions, this DLC is something no Mass Effect fan should be missing out on!

So, what am I going to cover? Well the main mission obviously, and for everything else, there are so many options for the way things can occur that I won’t be talking about all of them. I was never the Mass Effect fan who tried to experiment a lot with interactions and dialogue so I’m going to be very straightforward with this based on who I took with me on each mission.

Since there’s a lot to talk about, I’m going to divide this ramble in to two parts, starting with the main mission.

Before I get on to the main mission, I’d like to talk about Shepard’s apartment obtaining it is part of the mission. It looks stunning, very modern and open; pretty much like other apartments you see on the Citadel. I love the red neon lights you can see from the window, it just makes it look different in a way…being part of the Silver Sun Strip and all. We get a nice grand piano and it makes me want to start playing the piano again. If I was rich enough to live in a penthouse or fancy condo, I’d get a grand piano. It’s nice to have a kitchen so polished and running water on the walls like indoor waterfalls. I love the ambiance that fountains and waterfalls bring.

So where would I sleep? Well there are three bedrooms to choose from, so I’ll definitely sleep in the upstairs room with the HD-flat screen TV across from the bed and the big Jacuzzi tub in bathroom nearby.
My only complaint is that the furniture customization options are very plain. Not saying I need something super funky like some of the things you can buy in Animal Crossing, but I just feel like the options are what you’d typically see in every other house and condo in the Mass Effect universe. Anyway, moving on to the story.

I’m not really in to sushi, but a restaurant with so many fish swimming around you….did I ever mention to you how much I love aquariums? Well everything seems normal until we get anxious Maya Brooks who is clearly good at acting like she is inexperienced as an Alliance Officer. But as soon as the mercs show up, that’s when things get ugly. It’s hilarious how all it takes is for Shepard to fall through a fish tank and it makes the news. Garrus just wanted to bug me about it when he found me later. 
It was hard at first to use that silent pistol without being spotted too much, because frankly I’m one of those players who loves to open fire with my biotics! But once Wrex shows up and gives me a geth spitfire I couldn’t have been happier. Not only do I love that weapon, but fighting side by side with Wrex again? Sign me up! Just like old times!
I must admit doing the casino mission was a pain at first, but it’s also something new: working undercover. I would let Garrus distract the guards and I just love listening to what he has to say, especially when he asks the guard for relationship advice on how to impress me. On YouTube there’s a complication of all lines each squad mate has to distract the guards. I’d say Javik’s are the best. It actually took me several tries to bypass the last set of security systems with two guards on the first play through, but I would distract the one in the corner and bypass immediately once the other one turned away.
Shoot em up!
Once we learn that the enemy is actually a clone that was used for spare parts for Project Lazarus, it’s only safe to guess that we have to have a manhunt in order to make sure they don’t replace the real Shepard. 
I felt like the fight through the archives was a long one, but the dialogue always kept me entertained until I learned that Brooks was responsible for all the dossiers for the suicide mission and in short…..a traitor. Why is it that someone we think we’re going to work with on the conflict ends up stabbing us in the back?

“Fair warning, nobody who has betrayed us has ever survived.” REKT.
In spite of that it never gets old listening to Shepard rant about how his/her clone says “I should go” and once I pick up my M-7 Lancer, I never use any other AR in this game.
It doesn’t matter who I choose to take back the Normandy before it is stolen, someone always complains. But I can’t help but pick my bro team which consists of my turian boyfriend and my krogan brother!
I never was a fan of Traynor but a special toothbrush goes a long way

I knew I had to take out my Femshep’s clone ASAP, especially once I got on the Normandy and discovered she was going to dispose of all my models, fish and hamster. Nobody touches my stuff in that cabin, not even my clone! Like most players (I hope) the first thing I do when I get the Normandy back is I go get all my models and my hamster back where they belong.

“She messed with my hamster guys, now it’s personal,”

That’s right it is. I don’t know if I hate or feel neutral about battling my clone and Brooks at the same time. Brooks just vanishes if you deplete her health and the clone heals itself at least three times before it finally dies falling off the cliff. The battle would be a lot tougher if there wasn’t a crate with an infinite supply of medi-gel.
So Brooks goes into custody instead of dying just like Oleg Petrovsky. Maybe now she’ll think twice before crossing me, but I swear I thought she was going to be on my side for a change.
Well now I guess you can take some real time off once it’s settled. In summary I’d say the main mission in this DLC is different than what I’m used to, but that is what makes it fun; plus with some hilarious dialogue whoever you have with you. Look forward to Part 2 where I will share my thoughts on the interactions and attractions of the DLC.

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