Smite the Wicked

After a long delay, due to some issues I had with the sizes and printing, here are the remaining three rings I designed with Shapeways and Wizegem.

The previous ring was something basic to get used to this kind of digital work; however, these three are the main event. I was inspired by a cosplayer I met on Instagram who did the exact same thing for her creation. They were related to the first one I made. Well, no matter…. time to let it out.
I once said, when I love a certain character, I would like to have a piece of them such as something they wear; without it being too impractical to wear during my everyday life to make myself feel close to them. So, what did I go with? Well, ever since I got into The Hunchback of Notre Dame and not only became an avid fan of the Disney film but also begun reading the novel by Victor Hugo, it wasn’t long before Claude Frollo became my favourite character. I love Quasimodo and Esmeralda too, but Frollo definitely tops the list due to his complexity and development as a character, plus his voice done by the one and only Tony Jay (R.I.P).

For any character in a movie, video game, TV show, etc. whether I end up having a crush on them for whatever the reason…. or just liking that character in general. I like to have something that reminds me of them.

I tend to pay attention to little details, so when I was watching the movie I noticed the three rings that Frollo wore, and from there I decided those would be something that would remind me of him. First, I searched places for costume jewelry like Etsy but no avail. Then I came across a cosplayer on Instagram who had recently made a Frollo cosplay and got the rings 3D printed. There was my solution right before me: If I can’t find replicas of his rings, I’ll make them instead. So, I reached out to her on the inspiration she gave me, and we hit it off for a bit due to our mutual interest in the character and she said she looked forward to seeing my creations.

You’ve noticed them right? The red ring is my favourite. 💓

So after discovering Shapeways and creating my first 3D printed ring a basic purple one with “Lady Frollo” engraved inside it: (article on that written here ). I went to go for a more advanced designing place known as Wizegem. It didn’t take long for me to figure out how to do everything despite not having any experience with graphic and 3D designing. My original plan was to make the three rings and fit gems into them, but when I learned that the gems would not come with my printed rings in the mail….. I gave up on that. There was no way I wanted to waste my time searching the town for the right jeweler to fit the right gems into each ring for a reasonable price. Hence that’s why I decided to make basic shape rings in the colours matching Frollo’s and the same material I used for the last one:

They’re not exact matches but since this isn’t for cosplay purposes it won’t matter, plus if the shapes were the same size as Frollo’s they might feel heavy because I have small hands! What makes them unique is they’re my own creation and the inscriptions inside each ring. The green one says “Damnation”, the red one says “Hellfire” and the blue one says “Unholy”

I was so excited when I finally finished them that I didn’t do the sizes right. It took me several attempts to upload them to Shapeways correctly, especially when I was still trying to get them with gems! When they were delivered to me, the red one came out nicely despite it being the hardest to make out of the three. Fit me perfectly, but the other two I didn’t realize what my index finger size was. I thought measuring it myself would work, clearly not. I knew my ring finger size was 5.5, so I had to go to the mall to get my correct index size 7, make the adjustments and have Shapeways re-print them for me.

The blue and green rings were delivered to me recently in the correct size, and I tell you this project felt like it was spent mostly waiting and adjusting but now that everything has worked out…I don’t regret the time I have spent on this. I’m happy with the results even if this felt like a trial and error leisure project.

Hellfire and Unholy on my right hand. The red one will always be my favourite.

I was originally going to wait until I had more time to take photos and perhaps put on some makeup but then again, why should I have to doll up for this? I don’t have to just wear these rings with a black dress, do I?

Damnation on my left hand

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve posted a couple of short videos trying to imitate Frollo with a few gestures to show off the rings. You can follow me on there by accessing the Instagram tab at the top of my blog. I have put the videos in my story and in posts. (and I’ll admit I enjoy using the story feature to post little rambles once in a while).

I had a lot of fun making these rings and the other thing that makes them special is the message they convey are not as obvious. Most people could see me wearing these rings and have no idea what they mean or where they come from. Some might say they could be the Pokemon generation Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, which could be a secondary meaning behind them, but the first to me will always be Frollo and if you’re a Disney nerd who likes details, you’ll get it!

Would I ever want another piece of Frollo’s apparel? Well I like that hat he wears, even if it doesn’t seem very practical! I would also like Shan Yu’s pelt scarf, maybe Garrus’s eye piece, or perhaps the Didact’s logo on a necklace (hmm another 3D print project to consider if possible).

Well that’s it for now, I still have a lot of work to do, but the semester is almost over!


PS: Ooh emojis in blog posts eh? Very well, if I had to pick one to sign off with, it would have to be the little green alien face due to my passion for sci-fi which also influenced me to start this blog and I always seem to be off on another planet!

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