Citadel DLC Ramble Part 2: Shore Leave

Greetings everyone, now I’m going to talk about the fun interactions and features of the Citadel DLC that we get after the main mission.

Since there are so many things you can do and the interactions vary based on your choices, romance option, etc. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts based on what I chose to do while playing this DLC. There are so many things I could say to start this off with; do I talk about interactions or attractions first?

I don’t think I’ll be able to cover everything, so just the main points, here we go!

I’ll talk about the attractions first. So the Silver Sun Strip in general is like Vegas in space don’t you think? I love all the neon colours and whatnot, but other than that nothing really has changed if you compare it to the part of the Citadel that you can explore in the 2nd game.

We have the arcade, the casino and the combat simulator, and I’m not gonna lie the combat simulator is where I spend my time between hangouts with the squad so I’ll talk about that.

Don’t you wish that something like this existed in real life?

The coolest thing about the features is you can customize the match. So if you’re looking for a warm-up or a challenge, the possibilities are all in there and you can unlock more with prizes. Plus you get fans requesting you to do different matches with specific settings, and I’ve tried to pursue that but only find myself just doing what I want to climb the leaderboard.

Speaking of which, it’s unbelievable that Barla Von eventually reaches the top of it when I reach 4th place. Like how the fuck did a volus like him manage to do that and surpass Aria?! Well, no matter…..after upgrading some stuff and putting a challenge all in one…I eventually reached the top of the scoreboard. I know that match had a bunch of Brutes charging at me and I still managed to make it out of there alive. If any of you know how to get the achievement where you investigate something related to the scoreboard, please let me know!
I never really bothered much with the stuff in the casino unless I was going there to meet with a squad mate, and as for the arcade it’s okay but the only prizes I won were more music to play in my apartment, which would be better if it was heavy metal or some of the scores from the games like “Leaving Earth”, and those two tracks from the 2nd game like “The End Run”.

On to the interactions, my favourites would definitely have to be with Garrus, Grunt, Javik, Liara and Tali, coincidentally the aliens hahahaha!! Don’t worry, I enjoyed the time I spent with my human comrades too, like when Miranda wants to go gambling she over-prepares by wearing a red gown like she’s going to the Oscars. But she’s unprepared for just relaxing and enjoying herself!

When Garrus pulled me on the dance floor, oh God my heart stopped….

Garrus truly brought out his awkward/romantic/rebellious side when I go on my date with him, and even though Shepard can’t dance, at least Garrus gets her in to it! My sweet turian bad boy does it again!

So what’s the other great thing about the leisure part of this DLC? Well, you get to throw a party for everyone as the big finale! Did I want it to go out with a bang, oh yes I did!
So I invited everyone obviously and wanted to turn up the music during each phase because I wanted everyone to have a blast.
Even Glyph knew how to dress up for the occasion.

My favourite moments include when Tali got hiccups, Grunt declining guests to join the party…..and when he appears to be wasted in the shower, and when Kasumi is just eavesdropping on everything! Garrus kept saying such intimate things like “Shepard is it just me or do I see both of us naked and shamelessly rolling around on the couch,” when I got everyone up dancing. Every moment is hilarious that I just didn’t want it to come to an end.

If I could find a picture online that looks like the one of the photo of my Femshep and crew together, I’d post it here but none of them have Garrus next to her! Speaking of which, (again) I melted when I woke up next to him and got a nice good morning kiss from him. He talks about all these intimate things that’ll happen yet they never do. C’mon BioWare all we fangirls want is just something similar to the sex scenes with Kaiden, Liara, and Ashley. Is it too much to ask? Species difference shouldn’t create a conflict!
Anyway, once everyone was wide awake, I went around making sure there was nothing else I wanted to do. In this case whenever I do this DLC I like to go straight to multiplayer in preparation to do the final two missions in the game, so I do everything I need to do here before I go to that. Calm before the storm I always say. But actually, on my first time doing this DLC, I didn’t gather everyone. I think I did it after Thessia so Miranda was absent from the party, and there were still some interactions left to do with squad members after it. 
In my opinion, if you want to make this DLC seem more fun and dramatic, save it for last. Like I told you that I don’t touch any of the DLCs other than From Ashes until after I’ve completed Sanctuary right? Call it a ritual if you like, but it’s what makes it more exciting in a way.

Over all this DLC is so much fun and I feel bad for those who boycotted the game after the ending disappointed them, you have no fucking idea what you missed out on!

And that my dear pyjaks is it, this concludes my Mass Effect rambles this year! Even though some were challenging to write and a few of them had me babbling off about random things instead of doing an analysis…..well what were you expecting? I’m not in to this to analyze everything, I’m here to share my thoughts my own way through creativity! Nevertheless all these articles were really fun to write and I hope something happens in the future that makes me want to write about the franchise again. Like say a dream or once Andromeda is released I might consider playing it and sharing my thoughts once I finish. I was hoping to finish these rambles before it was released anyway!

Thank you so much for your comments on them, it was a pleasure to hear what you think about the story and such. I promise you I will do something like this again, I mean I did it with Halo 1 – 4 as well when MCC game out. I’ve been considering doing some Gears of War rambles in 2017 for games 1 – 4 which will also be fun and gory!

Now I must go to bed because clearly I spent my whole evening on this, goodnight pyjaks!


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