Crime-Stopper Dragon Master

It’s been such a long time since I had a dream worthy writing about, or at least remembered to write about it.

This one I had to share because it was just too awesome to NOT write about!

I’ve gone by many mottoes in life and one of them is women can fight the forces of evil just as well as men. It’s just like Elastic-Girl said about leaving the saving of the world to the men! I don’t think so!

This dream started on a nice summer where I was sitting on the deck reading a good book and then I heard the loud rumble of a helicopter from above. It was surprisingly louder than usual which only made me think that it was too close to the ground.

Then, there it was a large black chopper flew over the backyard and just as it was about to pass over the fence and into the park, suddenly it spun around and its engine stopped. The propellers stopped turning and it crash landed in the backyard. All I could do was sit in awe and shock as it happened before running over to see if the passengers were okay. Mind you, this would be unrealistic since there is a big pool in my backyard, but in dreams they sometimes take place in a setting you know in real life but there are things that look different about it.

Like the time I dreamed a tornado touched down in my elementary schoolyard during recess, there was no baseball diamond there from what I can remember but they obviously had one in reality.

So, in this dream, the pool and the patio were absent; just a big patch of grass from the fence to the house. I ran down the deck steps to the big hole the crashed chopper had created and then three men in black slowly climbed out with no signs of injury whatsoever. I looked at them in shock and they had guns.

One of them said: “Don’t mind us lady, we’re just going to take a few things,” I couldn’t ignore their sinister grins as they walked out the gate to the side of the house knowing that they were crooks. I spun around, sprouted dragon wings, ignited my wrist-blades and went after them.

The first two were too slow and then I burnt them to cinders with flame breath listening to them scream in agony.

Nothing is more satisfying

The other two ones armed up and tried to shoot me. I quickly took to the skies before any bullets could hit. I hid on the roof and waited for them to think I was gone, then I slowly swooped down and grabbed them off the ground dropping their pistols.

I said to them: “Do tell me, are you afraid of heights?”
Both of them were panicking and cried out “Yes! Put us down!”
Of course why should I listen? So I said I had a surprise for them and then I flew up high and went towards where my elementary schoolyard would be in reality. Instead it was an open space with an altar like it was an outdoor church. I dropped them down and as they tried to run away, they were blocked by an invisible wall. Then I reached for the sky and suddenly hundreds of meteors came raining down towards me. I thrust my arms forward and sent them flying towards the crooks. There was a big explosion and everything blacked out as I watched victoriously.
My brain still knows exactly what I want if I was some sort of superhero saving the day. The media might view me as a monster because of my wings and flame breath but that’s their problem. Plus, they would technically know who I am since I don’t wear a mask. I’m like Iron Man, I don’t need to keep my identity secret. I would much rather be fighting Naga in this dream but hey, stopping criminals is also a good time killer when my main foe is busy plotting!

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