The Best Time of the Year

Good morning pyjaks. Well, here I am writing here on Christmas Eve as I sip my Earl Grey tea with maple syrup in the silence of the kitchen.

I’ve always been a morning person; the sooner you wake up, the more time you have to do the things you want to do. Therefore, the sooner you get the important stuff done, the sooner you can relax.

Where have I been all week?

Well, I finished my exams on Friday but unfortunately had to go back to the campus on Monday to write that supplemental for that ridiculous exam I have repeated throughout this semester. But, guess what. I kicked its ass this time like Gipsy Danger kills a Kaiju category 5!

So I accomplished both goals I had this semester so to celebrate, I went to see Rogue One with my friends. I’ll eventually reveal my thoughts of the movie here, but maybe it’s better to wait until January so everyone has a chance to see it! Until then, I will leave you with this; I liked it. It’s not what I’m used to in a Star Wars film but it was worth my time.

I spent the week relaxing, working on my fanfiction, and yesterday I was running extremely early for my appointment. So I went to the drugstore just because they had Urban Decay cosmetics. I bought myself their primer glitter eyeliner and walked the rest of the way to the clinic.

Man, that was a long walk! I thought for sure it would get me my steps but my FitBit read only 6,000.

What’s funny is when I got home I did not discover that I bought the wrong glitter eyeliner until I opened the box in my room. I was just about to gather the receipt and return it, until I decided to swatch it. Then I changed my mind and decided to keep it once I saw it was decently pigmented for being sparkly, and ordered the one I was originally gonna get online. Piece of cake. I could have just done an exchange or gone back to the store, but it’s probably too late to cancel that order now. *facepalm* But hear me out when I say this: You are NEVER too old for sparkly stuff! So whoever out there in society says women over 50 shouldn’t wear sparkly stuff, you can kiss my ass. I may only be 23, but I speak out for anyone older than me who also dares to express their individuality!

Oh, so a couple of notable articles are coming up while I’m here.

  • I completed another 3D print project so yeah that’s one.
  • I would also like to talk about my favourite Christmas movies
  • Why I always take long breaks between watching my favourite movies (especially Disney ones)
  • And since 2016 is coming to a close I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some things I’ve learned this year
I’ll probably want to publish the Christmas movie post first but since it’s time to be with my family, that might come later.
Alright, enough of that, I hope to help my mom with baking and wrap some gifts at the last minute.
I always do my shopping weeks to a month in advance but still!

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