My Favourite Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Nothing like having some hot tea/coffee by the fire with your family as you open your presents, go ice-skating and have turkey dinner.
Or happy to whatever celebration you have at this time of year! 
I’ll be talking about what I got in another article but this one is pretty important in my eyes so it comes first!
There are many iconic Christmas movies out there that everyone loves. Some of them I have seen countless times, while others I still only know a little bit. Last year (I think it was last year) I talked about my favourite iconic Christmas character: Rudolph. I always seem to love movies in general about characters who are different than others and want to prove themselves. Probably because I’m different too. Note to self: write about that in the future.
Okay, without any further ado, here are my four favourite Christmas movies!
1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

One of my all-time favourites ever since it was released. I grew up with the Dr. Seuss books as a kid, including this one and the original animated movie. Then the live action one came out. I watch it just about every year and it never gets old. Hilarious and heartwarming in many ways. One thing I love about it is it gives the Grinch a backstory about why he hates Christmas and holds a grudge against the Whos. Jim Carrey does a fantastic job portraying the Grinch and when you think about it, not only did he go to steal everyone’s gifts, but he also ended up teaching the Whos a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas without knowing it. Taylor Momsen was adorable as Cindy Lou, and even though she’s grown up now and a very different person, it’s still hard for me to picture her as something else! Nevertheless I am happy that the Grinch redeems himself in the end, just like in the book and the animated movie. Seriously, if I could pick only one movie to watch every year, it would be this one. It is a classic that never gets boring.
2. The Polar Express

Another big favourite of mine that I did not see until middle school. This movie is truly about believing in Christmas spirit and the grand adventure of the journey to the North Pole with many obstacles, as well as getting stowed away in a sack full of presents. Most of the characters in this movie don’t have names, but I remember them all. I was on the edge of my seat the first time I watched it when my parents brought it home on video. Then one time before the holidays were set to start, I brought it to homeroom so we could watch it. Tom Hanks plays multiple roles in this movie and I have no idea if he is better as Santa or the conductor. Also, this movie contains one of my favourite Christmas songs sang by Billy and the unnamed hero girl. My mom and I love to sing this one whenever we watch it. It’s a very well-made movie for animation, and it’s another one I could watch yearly and never get bored of.
3. Home Alone

Everyone should have this movie on their list of favourites! How surprised would you be if you found that your family accidentally left you behind on their Christmas vacation? At first I would be surprised, but at the same time I wouldn’t mind the privacy. Kevin has always been the outcast in his large family, and when he gets left behind when his family goes to Paris; he manages to take care of himself, and get away with everything he’s got planned. Until two burglars decide they want to rob his house! This movie is hilarious, and I will always be cracked up at their attempts to break into the house and Kevin wards them off with booby traps and other tricks. The most touching moment in this film I’d say is when Kevin meets with the old man Marley at the church and learns that he is a nice man and the rumors about him are false. Then Kevin convinces him to reconcile with his son, and he eventually does. It’s classic comedy with many touching moments, and I need to watch it more often.
4. Elf

Another hilarious Christmas comedy starring Will Ferrell. I had seen this one a few times in high school but never watched it fully until a year ago. Life can sure be pretty tough when you’re human raised by elves and then have to leave the only home you’ve ever known to find your family. Buddy’s journey is always laughable and heartwarming. But let me just say, his biological father is a jerk at first, and let’s just say Buddy was brought to New York not just to find his family, but to also restore the city’s Christmas spirit. My favourite part will always be when Buddy tackles the “fake” Santa in the mall. It’s clear that Buddy is uneducated and needs some help once he gets taken in, but if it weren’t for him there would be no Christmas spirit in New York would there?

I’ve been helping my mom with baking between writing this and we’ve made mini pumpkin pies and we’ll make biscottis next. Baking is fun when you think of it. Well, hopefully you have your milk and cookies set out for Santa tonight and when you do carrots for the reindeer, please for the love of the Nutcracker put out NINE carrots, never forget about Rudolph! It drives me insane.

Anyway, enjoy your Christmas Eve, and let me know what your favourite Christmas movies are!


1 thought on “My Favourite Christmas Movies”

  1. Wonderful list, 2 of your 4 are in my top ten. I also have two original posters from Jim Carrey's Grinch movie, they go up each year along with posters of Polar Express, Christmas Vacation, Scrooged and a few others. Best of the season to you and yours Emily!


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