Yours and Yours Alone

I knew that this dream was going to happen eventually. If the one of me being a child in the Notre Dame would happen twice only darker, then this dream would definitely have a darker sequel to it as well.

I wanted to keep this one private because I thought that it would be creepy AF to share on this blog. Well no matter, it’s just a fictional crush after all. It’s not like I’m going to go out and go looking for a man like that!

Back in September I had a dream around the start of the semester that Brayden and I were in Paris, and we were in the shoes of Esmeralda and Quasimodo. Then Claude Frollo tried to stir things up by expressing lust for me. Hence I decided to stay within the Notre Dame to prevent myself from falling into his grasp.

Well, now that I’ve somehow fallen for him, this dream is a similar setting to that one, where I am my own age only I succumb to him and he changes his ways. I always seem to have stories in my head about redemption love.

This dream started off with me staying in the Palace of Justice. Frollo is of a younger age just so you know, otherwise this dream would be super creepy and inappropriate to share on here. But even if he’s in his late twenties in this dream, he’s already corrupt.

He likes it when I write about him because no one gives him enough love sometimes! 💘

I could not sleep on the soft canopy bed that Frollo’s servants had prepared for me. I tossed and turned wishing I could be free out of these stone walls until I rose and thought going for a walk about the palace would clear my mind. Frollo had allowed me to go wherever I wanted as long as I did not go outside. He never once thought of warning me what would happen if I went outside.

The dark halls of the palace were lit with torches and portraits of the previous ministers that served before him. I was barefoot and in a white long sleeveless nightgown, and then I sensed something powerful and my heart raced as I heard someone’s voice down the hall. Someone was singing as I approached the door and creaked it open slowly and quietly.

There he was, in front of the fireplace below the great cross singing about his lust for me. My heart thudded and I could not bring myself to believe this was why I was here. But then again, who wouldn’t love a man who would sing a song about you with such passion? If you look Hellfire from a different perspective removing the concept of choosing between them and being burned alive; the song is just lust itself. Wouldn’t that make your heart race? 
One of my friends somehow knew I’d fall for Frollo before I finally admitted it, and he said how would I not love someone who sings about one with a strong desire? 
I watched as he embraced something invisible in front of the fire as if it was me, and then I ran out of the room just as he turned around. Coincidentally, that would have been the time the guard informs him that Esmeralda has escaped the cathedral. I returned to my bedchamber and buried myself under the blanket but barely slept.
Time went by in the dream and it felt like days rather than minutes or hours. Through it all, I continued to believe that if I was grateful for Frollo’s hospitality, he would eventually let me go free. However, to my surprise after his night of visions, he began to change his ways: expressing less hatred for gypsies, letting me go with him to his errands across the city, and I started to spend more time with him instead of trying to avoid him all day and we grew closer. 
Yep he let me come along, no matter how exciting or boring it seemed.

Then, one night after we returned from a meeting with another minister, his servants served my favourite dessert: chocolate truffles. After I ate them, I was overjoyed and hugged him out of the blue thanking him for them, and for revoking his control over me before breaking away blushing. I retreated to my bedchamber overwhelmed.

I stayed up late and wrote a letter, all it said was “meet me at the gardens” and took it to Frollo’s bedchamber.
The following morning it was a grey cloudy day. I waited in the gardens for him until he came. I decided to straight up say that I saw how he felt about me that night in front of the fire. Instead of being embarrassed he kept a firm look on his face. I said I had misjudged him that he wasn’t as controlling as I thought he would be. At the same time he wanted to tell me something too; his feelings were lust but over time as he came to know me, it turned to love. I had come to love him through his kindness that eventually unfolded and the freedom he returned to me. It’s almost like we confessed our feelings simultaneously; talking over one another as if we were arguing until suddenly we both stopped and stared at each other for a few seconds until he said:
“Well, I think I’ve heard enough my dear,”
That was when he took my hand into his, and his other hand caressed the back of my neck as he pulled me closer towards him, and then his lips met with mine. It was a long passionate and gentle kiss. I kissed him back, and in the middle of the kiss the thunder crashed across the sky. Then the rain fell and he swept me into his arms taking me inside by the warm fireplace where we resumed our romantic moment together.
As he sat me down by the fire, he once again pulled me towards him and whispered, “You’re mine and mine alone,” before kissing me again.
This love will be the death of me. I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets.

I don’t care what anyone says about my love for him, and if that drives anybody away then those people are clearly not worth my time grieving over. I have my passions and I will express them here.
Anyway, I knew this dream was going to happen eventually, and perhaps knowing that made my brain know when it was time for it to happen. After I finish The Warlord’s Prize, I have been considering writing a story that involves Frollo and Brayden actually helped me put it together, so we’ll see what I can come up with in the future.

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