Extensive Breaks are Worth It

There are so many things I love to listen to and watch that I could go on for hours listing them all but that’s not the purpose here.

Have you ever got that feeling of not paying attention to something for a while and then coming back to it later? You always find that when you come back to it, you realize how much you still love it.

People tend to think that some things come and go in your life, but in my case, there are many things that do not leave me. Sometimes in my life when I gain a new interest, or focus on something else in my life, other things tend to be toned down on a scale of 1-10 on how obsessed I am with it.

After returning home from the cottage, I decided to watch Detroit Rock City, something I have started to watch as a ritual the night before a KISS concert. Since my last gig, I had not watched the movie in ages, but when I popped it in on Sunday evening, boy I felt like was more engaged with the movie. Nothing but memories came my way!

And that my friends, brings me to the main subject on this matter: Ever let’s say…..watched a movie that you really love, then watch it again several months later, and when you do you remember how much you love it and are totally engaged with what’s happening? 
If your answer is yes, then read on.
Sometimes I will watch a movie so often that I find myself no longer enjoying it. I might end up getting distracted by my phone, tablet, or stop the movie early before it’s finished.

So, if you watch your favourite movie and then focus on something else for a while, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy it even more when you return to it. The less frequent you engage with it, the less likely you are to get bored of it. That is why I think these extensive breaks between watching my favourite movies or playing my favourite video games are worth it.

What do you think?


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