The Sword in Holy Times

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis
Blood of the Saints

Que Sanctified with Dynamite!

Just kidding! Okay, maybe not because that intro song from Blood of the Saints serves as the perfect intro to this article. Well, I felt like I barely slept last night because I was so worried what kind of sound my new alarm clock would wake me up to. I thought, if I go back to school this Monday, might as well get back into the routine now.

Anyway, I eventually got to sleep, and when I did, this dream just makes my love increase for a certain band that fans say you don’t become a fan of; but you become part of the pack.

I am a casual fan of Powerwolf ever since one of my German friends introduced me to them. The weird thing is that I bought their album Return in Bloodred a bazillion months ago, on iTunes and have neglected to listen to it. Now writing about this has given me a reminder of what I should do tonight.

A dream like this is just too epic to not share so here goes.

I was living in a city similar to the one neighboring my hometown en-route to Toronto. It was late at night and I was walking home from a friend’s party to catch the bus back to my hometown. Then I heard a rustle in the alley as I walked between two buildings near the mall as the full moon unveiled itself from the cloudy sky.

Suddenly I felt this strange feeling that I was being followed; how very common in movies at this time of night. I kept walking faster and was approaching the bus stop as I cut through a parking lot and then I heard a voice go: “Hey babe what are you doing out this late,” someone was approaching me from behind and grabbed me. I headbutted him to get free and started to run. He gave pursuit and the full moon illuminated the lot and a loud howl broke the silence around me. That was when a large humanoid creature was seen standing atop the arcade building like a shadow in the night with blood red eyes.

The light of the moon gave it away and it was a werewolf. My pursuer and I turned in shock and it leaped from where it was standing and ran towards me. I found myself caught in the middle between it and the creep, but then the creature suddenly jumped over me and I heard a scream as I ducked. I looked up to see the werewolf had tackled my pursuer and its claws ripped his flesh knocking him to the ground. Then it bit into the man’s throat and all I could do was watch in horror wondering whether to run believing I was next, or that something else was going to happen.
Then the werewolf stood up from its prey and looked at me growling. I gulped but before I could run, the moon vanished behind the clouds on the horizon and the creature suddenly transformed revealing to be a man with long auburn brown hair, white makeup and a black vest. I thought instantly of Matthew Greywolf as he looked just like him.

He wasn’t dressed like that like I described above, but the image I originally wanted to use didn’t work for some reason.

I inched towards him in shock as he wiped blood off his lips and didn’t bother to ask if I was all right.

I said: “Excuse me, who are you….. or what are you?”

He looked at me livid and he suddenly grabbed my wrist, “Tell no one that you saw me! Understand?”

I shook inside, “I won’t, I swear…. just….. thank you for saving me,”

His grip tightened and instead of acknowledging or telling me who he was, he said, “As I said, tell no one or I will kill you,”

Then he let go and ran off into the night leaving me traumatized. I returned to my apartment and all of I could think of was that encounter.

Time went by and it was the second night of the full moon, I wanted to stay inside but as I was about to go to sleep, there was a tapping at my window like pebbles being thrown against the glass. I put my robe on and went outside into the small alley by the dumpsters. The sky was clear this time and as I looked around to wonder who was tapping at my window; the wind blew making trash on the ground tumble across the pavement. I did not know that someone was watching me from above, and then I was suddenly knocked unconscious.

I opened my eyes but the dream was still not over. I was lying in another bed, a dark canopy that was obviously not mine. The room was small and all there was was the bed and a window. I walked quietly to the door and went down the torch-lit corridor hearing church-like music assuming that was were I was supposed to go. Halfway down the hall I ran into someone and when I looked up he reminded me of Charles Greywolf; he looked displeased and said,

“So, this is the human my brother saved the other night. Our leader wants to see you.”

When I asked why, he said it was to determine what was to be done with me. My heart raced and I followed him down the corridor where the music grew louder until we reached two silver doors. He opened them and I found myself standing in a great dark chapel as I followed Charles down the aisle.

At the altar stood Matthew along with the other members Roel van Heiden and Falk Maria Shlegal who sat at a bench by a massive organ stopped playing to see me. At the very back of the altar sat Attila Dorn on a large onyx throne. He was studying me with great intrigue as the other members moved aside for me to approach him.

He walked down the steps from his throne until we were face to face, and he was staring at me silently with a strong curiosity for a long time until he spoke.
“You are the human Emily that witnessed one of us feeding the other night I have been told of?”

I nodded quietly before asking, “So you guys are like, werewolves living in some secret lair and you have vampire-like diets or something?” 
Without answering my question, he said instead, “You’re the first human to survive an encounter with one of our kind. You were lucky that you were spared, but that complicates things. The humans of this world must never know of our existence. If they do they will perceive us as a threat and hunt us down,”

That was when I said, “I promise you I won’t tell anyone, cross my heart. But why bring me here?”

But it was clear that Attila did not trust me to walk out of there keeping such a deep and dark secret so he said, “Keeping secrets means nothing to us, even if you swear to not tell. In order to ensure that nothing slips out, that is why we brought you here. Now you have a choice: become part of our pack, or die.”

He was serious when he meant this, and if I had to choose, well I think I’d rather become a werewolf than be killed! Instead of making a choice I asked him what would I have to do to become one of them.

So, he said, “In order to join the pack you must venture into the wolf ice cave North of this cathedral. There you must pass three trials in order for your blood to become a wolf’s. Matthew and I can take you there but we cannot assist you in the trials, if that is your choice.”

As he spoke those words, I had a vision of myself walking into an eerie ice cave with many sharp icicles dangling from the ceiling pointing out from the ground and the wall. It was dark and narrow as I walked forward with Matthew and Attila watching me. I could not tell if there was hope or doubt in their eyes as I turned around one last time.

When the vision ended, I looked at Attila and said, “I’ll do it,”

Then everything went black from there and that was when I woke up. Pretty interesting dream eh? I almost never dream about any of the bands I like. But, this dream makes me want to commit to my love for Powerwolf more, I have a few of their albums and part of me wants to get a shirt and a patch next. I’ve never seen them live, probably because I don’t think they’ve EVER toured over here. So there goes that idea unless I travel to Europe or they miraculously get booked to play here. (Perhaps I could contact a few venues if I want to see them badly enough)

What’s funny about this dream is that it reminds me of Twilight due to the concept of “Hey now you know of our existence of these powerful beings, so now you either die or become one of us,” That’s what happened in New Moon when Bella is brought before the Volturi who state that exactly. Yes, I have read the books and seen the movies when I was a teenager….. unfortunately, but, unlike that series, this dream I obviously have way more emotion than Bella, and this is darker than the saga itself. Oh, and sorry but it looks like I don’t fall in love with any of the band members. If I did, then it would be even closer to Twilight! Oh, God no, please don’t tell me what’s going to happen, what I think will happen in the future!

Well what? Say if this dream continued on and I did fall in love with one of them, who would it be and why? I’ve always had a soft spot for vocalists.

If this dream were to continue, I would have been going into that ice cave. So, in a sense, it’s kind of like Twilight but I become a werewolf instead of a vampire and I do it for my own survival rather than to be with someone I love for eternity. Plus, these are TRUE werewolves who transform in the full moonlight into humanoid like wolves as the myths. The difference I added is that they can only transform when the full moon is out and they become human again in the morning or when the full moon is covered by clouds.

I hope there are some other Powerwolf fans out there who read this, because I think it would be nice if I’m not alone and I really need to listen to their music more often! A lot of their songs sound similar but many of them are also easily stuck in my head which I love.


4 thoughts on “The Sword in Holy Times”

  1. Well, I can't say that I'm a Powerwolf fan (never heard of it, actually), but you've sure piqued my interest! Ever consider writing your own fan-fic? Based on what I see here, I'd read it. 🙂


  2. Well, if you are interested in the band I can recommend a few songs. There's “We Drink Your Blood” “Son of a Wolf” “Amen & Attack” “We Are the Wild” and “Resurrection by Erection” those are my favourites. Oh I do write fanfiction. You're never too old for that. So perhaps this could be a future fanfiction project once I am done my current one.


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