Upsy Daisy

Well, it’s the 6th of January and you know what that means…

Happy Topsy Turvy Day!

That’s right Clopin, feel free to celebrate

Well, it’s my first time celebrating this, inside mostly now that I’m a Hunchback fan. I woke up this morning, glanced at my alarm clock and had a funny feeling that today was no ordinary day, but it was an event that I celebrate alone no matter how I do it.

But unfortunately I didn’t spend this day out and about partying with fools. I was inside exercising because it’s too cold for my liking to walk outside, organizing myself for the new semester by printing all the essentials, and plus I was hunting for some new band shirts to snag for 2017.

I ended up ordering one Epica shirt that I was glued to upon the new album’s release but had to delay in getting it when my size was out of stock. I also fell in love with a Dark Priest girl’s Powerwolf shirt but the site only shipped to two countries: Luxembourg and Germany. REAL DOWNER. So I went to Napalm and found a nice Blessed and Possessed shirt instead.

As much as I prefer to have girl band shirts, the good thing about unisex ones is that they will last longer for you.

I’m spending this weekend continuing preparation for the semester starting this Monday even though I only have two classes; one of the courses I am repeating and would prefer to not fail it a second time, so that means, if I have to commit some extra time to ensure I pass this time, then so be it.

I have also considered beginning the hunt for a summer job starting in March depending on how things go by the time I reach the halfway mark in this semester. I really hope I land something this time, it would nice to increase the self-esteem that I have when it comes to being independent by actually working, so all the best to me.

I can’t decide if I should watch the movie tonight or work on The Warlord’s Prize, well even if I don’t watch the movie tonight, I’ll definitely read some of the book before bedtime.

Say, that reminds me, once I finish the book I’ll be writing a full review of it here so that’s one of the major articles that I’ll be doing this year. I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you on Victor Hugo’s novel as The Hunchback of Notre Dame is now on the list of my top favourite classic stories in both Disney and in books!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have pizza waiting, it’ll be hot as Hellfire!


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