Boredom Prevention

*yawn* Good evening pyjaks, tomorrow the semester starts up again and I’m prepared to give it everything I’ve got. Just because I’ve only got two courses doesn’t mean I’m going to slack! No siree!

I look ahead to see what else will be going on this semester in my leisure time as well. Not only do I have four confirmed concerts but I have also been considering getting together with Tiffany in March to see the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, so I better get that cracking, especially if I stay overnight in London! Personally, I love how Emma Watson has been chosen to play Belle, she is an amazing actress, she’s beautiful and inspiring. People complain about how she’s not meant to be a Disney princess before the movie has even come out and I’m like c’mon, Belle has always been the Disney princess who is a bookworm, and knowing Emma, she’s a smart woman = perfection.

Remind me to watch the original movie soon close to the release date. The trailer brought me to tears!

I still have to sew on my Epica patch that’s been sitting on my desk for almost three weeks now and I have an iTunes giftcard to spend. One of the things I have to get is the rest of THOND soundtrack since I love Alan’s work and the songs all give me goosebumps. There are just some Disney soundtracks like this one, The Little Mermaid, and a few others that stand out the most…..yes I did decide to watch the movie after all on January 6th…..and then after that I read the book and got to one of the highlight moments of it. This just keeps getting better.

Oh and I have been subconsciously debating whether or not I should get Mass Effect Andromeda. It’ll feel so different playing in a different galaxy with a different story and different characters. Well, I try to keep an open mind so perhaps it’ll be worth a shot.

Now, I should probably get to bed as the only class I have this week is first thing tomorrow morning. My new alarm clock makes a weird melody when it goes off, but I guess that’s better than a repetitive beep.


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