Talk To The Screen

Well, it has certainly been a rather tiring day.

I woke up just a few minutes after my brother left for work so I could get the laundry started, and had it finished before 3pm. I used to hate cleaning and washing clothes, but nowadays I don’t mind chores, just because when there are days where I have nothing to do, I look for something to do.

I’ve also start live-streaming on Instagram, as when stories were first introduced, I find it hard to squeeze in rambles in 10 seconds. Not everyone comes here to read my stuff, so you could say it’s providing for those who haven’t found my blog yet.

Most people who want to do things like this would rather start up a YouTube channel, but for me it seems that despite how big you get can get there broadcasting yourself, it is a community I find that I cannot handle because when its out there…whatever it is, it’s out there until I decide to delete it.

Imagine if I made a video of myself singing any sort of song, and it got so many dislikes from idiots who think I can’t sing when in reality that’s just how my voice comes out through the camera. Think about receiving all those negative comments on a daily basis from a video that could be three years old. It’s like a scar, and even though haters are often a sign that you’re doing something right…..if I am to broadcast myself, I would rather do it in the moment where people can say what they want to say, and then have it disappear so I can put it behind me if things do not turn out the way I expected them to.

I know that some people can handle that amount of negativity where they just shrug it off and move on, but not everyone can so….yeah.

That is why I looked forward to having access to Instagram’s new live-streaming feature, because you can go live, and then it is deleted after you finish your broadcast. Sure, I could have always used Periscope or have done it on Facebook but the video would still be there, so that’s why I waited.

When the feature was first introduced to US and UK users in late November, I waited and at the same time, I worried that my account wouldn’t be able to have it because it wasn’t public. But then I learned I didn’t have access because the app updated at different times per country. Now that I can finally do it, in a sense I am providing an alternate way to interact with my followers without stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here’s hoping this provides some use to me.


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