Under the Rock

I’ve been a bit inactive for the past few days due to a few other commitments. I’ve still been binge playing Pokemon Moon, I am literally 4 cells away from gaining Zygarde’s form and I just wanna say it’s been a pain in the ass running around and backtracking places I’ve already been to make sure I got that cell. Serebii has been helpful but I have yet to change the time in this game at the Altar of Moone to make the last 4 cells hopefully a little easier.

The worst part is that when you check the cube to see how many you have, it doesn’t tell you which ones you found where, hence all that backtracking to ensure “Okay I got that one, now I should go to this area next.”

When this is over, I will bask in glory of the badass Zygarde’s complete form in battle.

Other than that, I am pushing myself to finish the next chapter of The Warlord’s Prize no later than this Friday. Mondays you know what I do there, so that gives me at least three days to finish, and I should get a lot done as long as I don’t have other tabs open to distract me!

I’m cooping myself up in my room tonight while the stupid Super Bowl is being watched downstairs. (ugh) so perhaps some music and my lightsaber will make me forget that it’s all over the place on this evening.


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