Twisted Vows

I’m doing everything in my power to disconnect right now. As I write this, I have Lordi blasting as part of a pre-show marathon starting tonight. I might finish it before the gig’s date, well…no matter…music is my savior whenever there’s some big dumb overrated sporting event happening.

Anyway, I didn’t get around to writing about this because I was busy Zygarde-hunting, but now I’ve been temporarily relieved of that, at least for the moment.

So, over the weekend, I had two weird dreams; not on the same night however but worth writing in two short little stories.

If you’re an Anti-Super Bowl like me then perhaps this will help you disconnect from all those updates flooding your feed about it.

Friday Night

All my life, I’m always bound to have a dream about tornadoes at some point, but who would have thought I would have one that involves them AND dragon powers!? 
I had once again transformed getting my dragon wings, and next thing I knew, I was flying around the world saving people from tornadoes. But, these tornadoes were not ordinary. In fact, they were artificial. As I went around getting people to safety, the tornadoes would shift towards me, until some mysterious force repelled them and it was not my doing. I suspected Naga was behind it so I kept trying to contact Wyvern to alert her of my findings, but I could not reach her. I continued to fly around and the tornadoes were getting larger and more destructive. Some of them were even dropping down, going back into the clouds and then dropping in another spot. Just like that F3 tornado in the movie Twister.

Saturday Night

This was a pretty odd dream, but I know it had to do with Star Trek. I was in a shuttle from the Enterprise with Picard. He didn’t tell me where we were going even though I was curious. Eventually it was revealed that we were in some sort of resort like the ones I’ve been in the Caribbean. Picard told me that it was a resort meant for Klingons where they go to recuperate from trials and anything combat-related. (I highly doubt there actually is a place like that for a species like that, but since this is only a dream, a lot of things get made up)
I asked him why I was brought here and he said that since I was going to a transfer program I had to improve my interactions with Klingons and that Worf would be there to help me in case I didn’t understand.

I met with Worf and we conversed with various Klingons and I struggled to adapt as most of them seemed to speak in their language. Worf and I seemed to start off with a lack of understanding of each other like we had known each other for a while. But as the day progressed, I got better and started speaking Klingon with them. The only thing I could never adapt to was the food they ate.

Worf seem impressed and it almost felt like he considered me one of his own kind. Then, later in the dream we were alone and walking towards the pool at night. I set my feet in the water and he stood watching me for a while, but as I started to slide the rest of my body into the water, he suddenly started chanting something I did not recognize. I turned around quickly to wonder what it was but never caught all of it before I woke up.

Perhaps it was a chant of honor, marriage proposal or something else. I don’t speak Klingon; however I would like to learn but there must be some book I can buy on it. No way am I going to pay to take online courses (apparently you can do that) to learn it. If it’s a language in the nerd community, I think it should be a freebie.

And there you have it, two weird dreams to share. I just wish I remembered more of them but I write about them anyway because what I do remember is always so vivid.


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