Work You Brain

I’m sometimes just hoping something will go on in my mind that’ll make me want to transfer it onto the draft sheet of this blog.

Like, I’m hoping I have a strange dream or two because I wanna do some writing this week other than what I have planned. I feel like I should also get back into playing KOTOR. God, I haven’t touched it since I got this desktop computer because playing PC games as well as console have motivated me to write something.

Perhaps I should also continue with my GOW4 play through as even though I don’t particularly like the story so far, it’s still worth sharing my thoughts over.

Did I mention I saw Zygarde’s complete form earlier today in battle? It’s safe to say it reminds me of Unicron.

I’m debating as to whether I should go to TFCon this year, perhaps it should be just the good ol’ times of just going to be surrounded by fellow TFormers, after all VIP for a guest I like is a bonus. I’m not paying unless I can afford it. 
I’m off to bed soon, though I doubt I’ll get enough sleep.

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