Watch Out……Love Bites

That’s right it does, well I say that because I can, not because I have been in a situation like this.

Today is Valentine’s day, and in all honesty, if I were to celebrate it, the only thing I would do is prop myself on the couch with some chocolate, popcorn and a romantic movie: probably Titantic. A love story about a healthy relationship, yes I have to bring that up due to the next Fifty Shades movie coming out today as well which I despise greatly.

I wish I could do that anti-Valentine’s day look by NikkieTutorials that I saw almost a week ago, but I’m not in the mood to purchase a palette with dark reds and lipstick because I would prefer my vanity does not get overloaded. Maybe in the future I will.

For those of you who do celebrate it, enjoy. I’m not entirely anti-Valentine’s day, I just don’t need to celebrate it. That being said, this is the only Valentine I need:

Need I say more? Well, I have a bad habit of not turning off my gadgets until around 10pm and I go straight to bed after. I end up not remembering when I fall asleep and wake up at 3am with Scandal stuck in my head (Delain’s cover of the song, not the original by Queen) then I start counting sheep and hear ringing in my ears.
I had a short dream that I was leaving the Cineplex theater late at night and started floating across this chasm between the theater doors and the main exit. As soon as I was outside, it was pitch black with billions of stars out. I was rising higher and I could glimpse the Milky Way clearly.

I better get some decent amount of sleep from here on. Even though I publish my posts during prime time in my timezone, sometimes if I don’t have a lot of work to do, or I’m on a break, I work on this in earlier in the day so I can do something more relaxing in the evening. Hopefully, that means I’ll have a dream that is worthy of writing about in a separate article.

Until then, toodles.


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