Lady Frollo Takes the Podium

You’re telling me out with it, right? Well, I’m going to let it out now.

I’ve been doing another side project other than my writing. At first, I told myself there’s no need to do it as you’re not that type of person who takes it that seriously. Well, this actually came upon me rather unexpected.
Toronto Comic Con is next month and I am definitely going to be there, but I didn’t want to go as Emi Takori this time. Frankly, carrying my lightsaber around was a pain in the neck. I am very basic when it comes to cosplaying and most of what I have done is just from clothes I already got from my wardrobe to put something together. Back in 2012 I tried to be a female version of Mr. Lordi for Halloween and all I used was a black cape, my sparkly skirt, a gray tank top, boots, fingerless gloves and fake nails. No monstrous makeup that’ll take 3 hours to apply unfortunately. No matter how far I go in these projects, I love dressing up whether it’s Halloween, a convention, or just those days where I feel like it. Whoever says you’re too old for it, really needs some exposure to creativity and the ability to be imaginative.
I stumbled upon Etsy and my brain lit up with an idea the moment I found a store run by someone who has done homemade Disney costumes and trinkets from the movies. This year, I am going to be cosplaying as…. Claude Frollo! (no surprise, right?)
I actually took up to 12 pictures once the costume was ready so I’ve merged them all into collages

The hat I found on Etsy and it looked just like the real deal, so I had to buy it! Actually, it was the item I found on there that made this idea spark. It was pricey but now that it’s mine I can say it was worth my money. The seller did a good job making it! I thought that it wasn’t going to arrive until later this month and that had me on the verge of panic because it felt like it was cutting it close towards the first con.

Note to self, practice getting into character.
The robe is made by a costume store in the UK which surprisingly was delivered to me before the hat arrived. It’s pretty close to what Frollo actually wears, minus the collar, but I’m not complaining. It’s close enough. Personally, when you do a cosplay, whether you make everything yourself, or get someone to do it for you, it doesn’t have to be 100% identical to what the character wears. If everyone’s cosplays of those characters were like that, there would be no unique creativity within them. You may not notice, but I’m also wearing the rings I made back in November. Originally, I was just going to stick with those, but when the thought of Comic Con drawing near came to me along with seeing the hat on Etsy, I thought: “Hey, why not take this a step further and turn it into a cosplay?” I could have always gone back on the software I used and made the rings larger, but I decided against that because why should I just use those rings for this purpose? The reason I made them that size is so I could have a piece of Frollo to wear with me in my daily life.
However, I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen some pretty impressive Frollo cosplays online on various websites, the gals and guys have done a great job pulling them off!
I don’t think I did his scowl right!

In case you’re wondering why I’m wearing a belt, the robe was really long for a size S when it came in the mail, and I would rather not trip over it constantly when I walk or have it caught on something so…. yeah.

However, when I wear this to the first con, I’m probably going to put on some makeup, not like in a way to make me look older towards his age though, because the purpose of this cosplay is like a younger female version of Frollo, hence my latest nickname Lady Frollo that my friends call me. Am I going to wear a wig? That’s a good question actually and something I have been considering for the past few hours. I dressed up as Princess Peach two years in a row. I only wore a wig once and that was when I went to a Halloween party hosted by my Taekwondo instructor back when I used to take those classes. After that I went to school in the costume without the wig and fellow students were still able to recognize who I was. I personally find wigs to be sweaty to wear, sometimes uncomfortable so maybe I’ll go without one to Comic Con next month. Hell, if I wore one to Fan Expo I’ll be even more sweatier since it’s a summer convention!

Speaking of which, I know I’ve said previous years I’ve wanted to go to Fan Expo but it’s been tricky because it’s always a week before school starts and I end up not going because of other plans and getting myself organized for the upcoming semester. However, this year is definitely different considering the fact my workload has lightened significantly. So, it looks like I will be going this time, I will keep you guys updated if I am going. If my Frollo cosplay is a success at Comic Con, I will definitely wear it to Fan Expo, but will probably have to change into it once I get to the convention center…unless I want to be walking outside in a black robe and be sweating like crazy!

On top of that, I’m not a super serious cosplayer who does this a lot and feels the need to make an exact match of the character by 99.9% so I’m pretty happy. In the end, I since I am being Lady Frollo, I guess a wig won’t be necessary after all! I’m really looking forward to wearing this to the con next month. Despite it being a pain to carry my lightsaber around the Metro Convention Center last year, I still had a lot of fun interacting with other fans. This year I plan to stay longer, check out some more stuff, maybe see if I can get a professional photo done, and see how many people recognize me! Maybe I’ll even see Esmeralda! Well, since it’s a Disney character, it’s sure to attract a LOT of attention!

You can also view these pictures on my Instagram too. I also merged them into collages so I wouldn’t spam everyone’s feed. So, be honest, were you suspecting I was going to do this?! Oh, but you were…. I know you were.

4 thoughts on “Lady Frollo Takes the Podium”

  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion, and yes it does but I've decided to not get a wig because like I said, who says it has to be an exact match? Perhaps I'm being a younger Frollo don't you think? In my high school one of my classmates was dressed up as Hermione Granger but with Ravenclaw robes instead because she thinks Hermione would be better suited for Ravenclaw. There are no rules in cosplaying saying you have to do it this way in terms of what character you're going to be. It's fun to mix it up a little, so whether it's a young female Frollo or a Ravenclaw Hermione it shouldn't matter, you're still showing your love for that character in your own way.


  2. The important thing is to be happy and have fun. So I agree with you there. When I was a youngster, I went to a fancy dress as myself. Seriously! The superheroes and mermaids were not happy. There was no theme, we just had to dress up as somebody else. I wanted to be me.


  3. You know what? If people have a problem with us when we dress up as something because it doesn't match or its a gender swap then fuck em. Not my problem that they don't like it. It's your creation. A fellow Frollo cosplayer liked my idea of being a younger female Frollo without the wig when i shared one of these pictures with her. It's different from the original yes, but being different is what I was born to do.😉


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