Darkness to Dissensions

I have the weirdest dreams ever but writing about them is so much fun as soon as I wake up after them! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve written about one so this one should be really unusual to make it on here.

So, last night I fell asleep and I could have sworn this dream was taking me back to elementary school. For some reason I was in the gym of that school and everyone was waiting at the stage with anticipation and I heard Ghost’s song Square Hammer playing in the background. I thought, wait why is Ghost playing at my old school? I was sitting in the center and everyone was just completely silent, there was no sign of excitement and no one was chanting for the band to come on the stage.

Suddenly the room went dark and screams erupted all around me, and then the lights came on again briefly, I was standing alone in the room. This reminded me of the ending to Lordi’s music video Devil is a Loser (Speaking of which, I might order their Market Square Massacre DVD so I can watch that music video and notable others on it in high quality), and in my Lordi fanfiction the same thing happened where everyone disappears but I’m the only one left in the room.

Then the doors opened and Papa and the ghouls entered the room. They warned me a dark force was sweeping about the town and that I should get out of there as quickly as possible. I asked them why they were there to warn us, and a Nameless Ghoul said, “Well, because we’ve seen it before, and as soon as we learned that you the Dragon Master would be here tonight, it was the only way to get the word out. Now go before it’s too late.”

I hurried out of the school and it was pitch black, not even the building’s outdoor lights were on. I ran across the open field and thought of the memories I had had there; all the open house barbecues every year from kindergarten to 5th grade. I kept trying to chant “Golden dragon power” or something in hopes of sprouting wings and flying away from whatever it is Ghost warned me about, but too many failed attempts came my way.

There was a loud screech from afar as I ran down the dark road towards my house, so I tried the chant again and suddenly I rocketed up into the sky and right out of the Earth’s atmosphere in a matter of seconds. At first, I thought this was where I was going to wake up, but it wasn’t. It was dark for a while, and then suddenly the brightness broke. I was soaring down towards what appeared to be a city on another planet. I landed on a strange flying vehicle that reminded me of those fish things from Atlantis The Lost Empire. 

The surrounding battle reminded me of Rogue One, and then someone nearby instructed me to start attacking one of the towers nearby. It appeared to be producing more enemy ships. I started to fire at it and in front of me appeared a health bar like you see in some of those video games like Halo Wars indicating how much damage the structure was taking.

So, now was I left with the question: Did I warp to another planet, or into a video game? I’ve never played these games before but I as gifted Spartan Strike on Steam by a friend so perhaps I could start there if I’m interested.


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