Imagine You Here

So, I’m still feeling symptoms of the aftermath of Lordi. At first it was bad and then it became good. I don’t know why, but I remember at three o’clock in the morning two days later after the gig, I woke up with massive cramps and had to go home early from my shift because I was feeling terribly light-headed. Once that was over I smiled and thought of the moment, the memory I had gained from that night and I felt much better.

Since then I’ve been looking for any means to distract myself so my mind doesn’t wander when I’m needed wherever, and due to my immensely light workload, it has been a challenge. But whenever I talk to my friends both near and far about Lordi, I feel those concerns wash away. It feels good to connect with the fandom again, and this time with a more mature attitude. You could say that taking a break and returning after my dream came true made me finally know how to interact better!

This week felt more like reading week rather than my actual reading week before that because I had actually already completed this week’s work in advance. I told myself not to do that early and save it for once reading week was over. I disobeyed myself.

Well no matter, next week will be different.

So Tuesday evening was rather eventful: my mom and I ran around town after dinner doing some last minute shopping. Even though I told her that this didn’t need to be done right away, she insisted and I am grateful that she helped me with this.

We went to Michaels to get a frame for my autographed Lordi poster, then to another part of town to print my photo with Lordi, and then back to Michaels again to get a frame for that.

The poster I put up above my dresser behind my Transformers, Funkos, and Makuta.

My original plan was to get a slight large high quality of the photo like a poster almost, but when I got it framed in the 6 x 8 size, and placed it on my bedside table, I immediately reconsidered that. Just having it there on my night table made it much more intimate to me. Now I can gaze at it just before I sleep and when I wake up, or just look at it when I need to think of something happy. The closer the better.

Everyone wanted the hot sauce but this, this is better value to me.

It’s funny now that I mention how Lordi was selling limited edition hot sauce worth $80 (yes, that’s how much it was) and the VIP tickets were ten bucks less than that. Getting VIP was definitely worth the money to give me this memory. I’m not a fan of spices and sure it seemed cool they were offering that on tour, autographed box and everything, but I didn’t see the value in it like most fans did. Meeting the band and seeing them was all that I cared about that night.

That being said, I feel like I have been much happier these days ever since this happened. Seeing Lordi just feels like the positivity in my life seems to be making itself known. There are still challenges due to my heightened anxiety but Lordi is always there in my heart to get me through it. All I need is to look at this photo, listen to a few of their songs, and then I’m smiling again. It also makes me happy to know that lots of people no matter where who know me, understand why Lordi is such big influence to me, after all I did start this blog because of them. Hell, I remember the first domain I gave it was related to them and the title too! I also think that seeing them live made me want to write about them on here more often again. By the time I became a KISS fan and started exploring other bands after that, I was practically silent on here about Lordi for a long time.

Everything I write on here is solely for myself, and if other people enjoy it too, then hey that’s a plus. That is something I have heard Mr. Lordi say and I’ve been living by those words ever since.

Anyway, even though there were times when I felt like this dream was never going to come true, deep down I continued to believe and the result of that eventually did make it happen once the opportunity presented itself at the right time and the right place I took action.

I’m off to bed now; never been much of a nocturnal person on a Saturday night like I used to. I think I’ll gaze at this picture again before I fall asleep.

Looks like it’s time for the Devil’s Lullaby.


4 thoughts on “Imagine You Here”

  1. I knew you'd get the picture framed, and it is enjoyable reading your posts because they're so enthusiastic about Lordi. I've never heard of them, don't think I've heard one song of theirs (shock horror) but I'm enjoying seeing them through your posts.


  2. Thank you, and one of my friends also told me he admires the fact that this picture is something more to value to me than the hot sauce! I'm glad you enjoy these posts and I'm also glad that I'm writing about Lordi again. Your comments mean a lot to me so I appreciate it.I started with Would You Love a Monsterman and Hard Rock Hallelujah that turned me into a fan then I bought their first album Get Heavy. I can give you some suggestions to start with if you're interested. Most people who are start with those two hahaha!


  3. Your welcome!I'll look up the two you've suggested on YouTube, but no promises that I'll like it. Still fun reading your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is infectious.


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