It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already felt like I’ve got a lot done. Last night, I stayed up late tackling things that I thought I would never finish, or was close to finishing.

First, I wrote the final chapter for The Warlord’s Prize, which I thought would be a lengthy task, because I wanted to come up with something to close off the story in a good way as it was stand-alone. But as I wrote, I found that there wasn’t really that much else to have occur. I mean, the Huns were victorious, the Emperor had surrendered, Shan Yu and my character were free to rule in peace together.

My original plan was to have there be a conflict in the relationship and the Emperor banishes us from China after we make amends, but I thought that wasn’t dark enough, so I changed it to having him surrender.

Then at that very moment I decided to make Shan Yu almost put his lust for power over his prize, so the last chapter was really just him returning to his lover with regret realizing he needed her much more than he knew. Then they promised to stay together no matter what happens next, even if the survivors of the invasion were to rise against them. That’s the scary part, no one knows if they will.
But other than that, it was a long journey to write this story, and I couldn’t have done it without my friends and followers, even if everything I write is for myself. It’s the first story I’ve written with a lot of evolution throughout it, especially for my self-insert. Like, she started off as an adventurous woman who is eventually put in a vulnerable position where she doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her. She has no choice but to rely on obeying her captor’s demands so he doesn’t hurt her. When she comes to love him after he changes, she evolves into a stronger and confident woman. That love gets her through her toughest challenge yet which is helping him conquer a great city even without training in combat.
Shan Yu of course I gave him a lot of evolution too, like your typical abuser, he had a rough start in life and became a warlord feared throughout the region. But then he learned to love another and realized his abusive ways to get a woman were wrong. Upon realizing these feelings, he sought the help he needed from his closest ally. Redemption at its finest. He didn’t need saving from his tragic past and abusive behavior. He saved himself, and that’s how it should be for anyone who abuses another.

I have two other fanfiction projects drafted but for now, I think I deserve a break, as writing this stuff takes a lot of time and energy.

I hope in my future fanfiction projects…..or even ones I would like to rewrite I will be able to create richer characters too.

Also, I finally pushed myself hard enough to complete the main quest in Skyrim. Last night, I journeyed to Sovngarde and defeated Alduin once and for all. It was a remarkable moment returning to the Throat of the World with Odahviing, Paarthurnax, and several other dragons gathered in my honor. I am truly blessed.

So, what’s next? Well I would like to complete the civil war questline, maybe look around for daedric artifacts, hmmm or maybe play something else for a bit. I have considered trying being a mage or an archer who could be a potential assassin.

We’ll see what I feel like creating. For now, I think I should just relax, but, here’s something to look forward to: I think I might share my thoughts on Skyrim’s main storyline, and that’s going to be fun!


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