Foreign Lands

Let me just say, I am glad I started this DLC, so worth my time and my money!

I have completed Dawnguard and let Lord Harkon burn in hell where he belongs, I would like to build my own house soon, and well… it looks like I’m far from done with my warrior dark elf before I consider starting anew as something else.

Well, we’re off to Solstheim and things are getting interesting again. I wanted to build the house before doing that, but I grew bored so quickly that I was like “screw it, let’s go to Solstheim and explore.”

Now, I’m doing quests, and exploring the island at the same time, and I think I’ve finally got another worthy nemesis since Alduin.

A pleasure to meet you Miraak. You know, the way he makes his entrance, talks you down, and leaves to let the seekers finish you off is the just the proof we need to have that we got ourselves a badass here to never misjudge.

Something tells me I’m gonna have a love-hate relationship with a villain like him. The love being well, look at him, a pretty cool looking mofo don’t you think? That voice is impressive too. I’d date him if he didn’t have a disfigured face….oh wait, no looks don’t matter, let’s think about how it went in like V for Vendetta alright?

The hate, well talking me down like that, especially when he steals the blood dragon soul from me just as I kill it, is he going to keep doing that until I stop him? Seven hells, I don’t want to think about it.

Now that I’m starting to yawn as I type this I should probably call it a night and rest, I’ve been at Solstheim since this afternoon. Maybe a dream will get me nice and refreshed in the morning…..whatever that dream may be, should it be about Miraak? Yes, I mean….no! Yes! No! YES! NO!

Errrr…… never mind, goodnight.


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