Dancing for the Monstars

Some dreams just don’t make any sense or make events that you wish could happen in reality.

This is one of those dreams that shifted from one thing to another without changing the category and who was featured.

I went to bed at 10pm and felt like I didn’t fall asleep until 11. Then I began to dream another weird one.

At first I thought it was another space battle dogfight sort of dream like the one I had back in August because I was riding on some sort of starship towards another one, but once I landed inside the hangar, I found myself in a room with several people I did not recognize, except one who was surprisingly Lordi’s current tour manager, and one other person who explained that I was going to help move the equipment. The other people I didn’t know as they spoke so they must have been the rest of the crew as they tend to have a larger crew for the shows in Europe than here.

Inside, I felt like I was going to burst, what Lordi fan wouldn’t want to work with them?!

Then it suddenly shifted to a scavenger hunt in a winter village. I started smelling latex and ignored the objective my team had to follow the scent. I overheard one of my teammates say “There she goes again, off to find those scary monsters…”

Now that there’s some dancing here, this is where we get to the main event of this dream. As I walked down the path and opened a red door I discovered I was wearing a white dress, a romantic tutu that reminded me of the costumes the snowflake dancers in The Nutcracker ballet wore. I’ve seen that ballet twice, and I used to take ballet classes earlier. Every time I have dreams about or see people dancing it, it makes me wish I never gave it up. If I was still doing it today and pushed myself hard enough, that would have been my career; I could be dancing in pointe form by now, hell I could have been a professional ballerina in one of those companies performing in those classic stories! But sadly, it never was truly for me.
Anyway, I stepped outside in my costume and didn’t know about the bungee cord on my waist. It was warm and sunny outside, and my dad was washing the car. He beckoned me over but I froze when I saw Mr. Lordi walking alongside of the road just by the curb. I think he was wearing his TBONTB costume in this dream. I took a step forward and instead of walking, I was suddenly doing a grand jete airborne towards him. Mr. Lordi stopped instantly to watch me as he walked past the driveway and I found myself doing air ballet without even knowing. But as soon as I realized he was watching I smiled and started dancing more before finally going over to my dad. I guess Mr. Lordi was like:
Oh boy I will definitely take my time!

My dad asked me to get the soap, and it was clear that he couldn’t see what was happening, he just assumed I was dressed up in my typical summer clothes ready to help him out. I curtsied in response and soared over to the garage while still dancing. Then I picked up the sponge and pail of soap in the middle of an arabesque and grand jete’d my way back over to him.
Mr. Lordi chuckled and said I was a great dancer. I blushed and did a pirouette for him and my dad asked me who I was talking to. He couldn’t see anything except me walking around helping him when in reality, I was dancing around the front yard because my favourite Monsterman just happened to be nearby, and stopped to watch.
I helped my dad get what he needed to wash the car regardless while dancing around entertaining Mr. Lordi until the car was clean. After that, I woke up.
This dream pretty much made no sense but I don’t care, if it has things I like, I write it down! I sometimes ask myself, why on earth do I write this crazy shiz? I think that’s because my mind is a rare and creative one that deserves to be known that this is what makes me unique.

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