A Judge’s Day at the Con

This was my 2nd time going to Toronto’s Comic Con this year, and I’m glad I decided to go again.

I know, I’m late writing about this and usually whenever I write posts about events I’ve been to, they always seem to go up the day after. But due to the demands I put on myself to review Skyrim’s main quest and review The Hunchback of Notre Dame novel, which I finished reading, two days before the con. I had to prioritize.

Well no matter, I had so much fun at the con this year, and yep cosplaying as Claude Frollo was totally worth it! I have a ton of pictures but I’ll only be sharing my favourites out of respect to some of the cosplayers who probably do not wish for this to be spread any further. But then again, if I dug really deep around the Internet to track down all the people who asked for photos with me, they probably posted them somewhere too!

Me singing Hellfire

By the time we got to the MTCC, it didn’t take long for people to recognize me. Some were like “OMG Frollo!”, “My favourite villain!”, and then there were others who needed to be reminded who I was. So many people wanted pictures with me, and usually they would initiate that before I could ask them for one too if I liked their character as well. There were also a lot of people who recognized me from the event’s Facebook page as I posted my costume there. There were even some fans who passed by and talked to me about the character how they wish he had more love and acclaim as much as I wish it. Never have I felt this flattered.

I was the only Disney villain roaming the place but hey, that’s unique. There were even some people running merchandise tables who wanted pictures! Then, when I approached the Ghostbusters areas, one of them asked me to sing Hellfire and I gladly did so. In fact, there were a couple of times where I would burst into the song without anybody asking and it got them nostalgic when they heard it. I would also try to speak like Frollo in a serious tone with some religious aspect to it. You know, kind of like how he would talk. I would tell them I was looking for the gypsies!

I saw a lot of great cosplays. The first one I encountered was a girl who did Belle and I had seen it on Facebook prior to the event. She did a fantastic job and the dress was gorgeous. I also couldn’t turn around any corner without seeing a Harley Quinn and a Joker. I’m not a DC fan, nor have I seen Suicide Squad. But, from what I’ve heard the fans love it but the critics did not, and the thing between those two characters has been around for a while ever since the comics. So it was either the movie or earlier versions of her that I saw. One of them even wanted a picture with me!

Good to see you again Artoo!

The 501st Legion was there too of course. I got pictures with Vader, a couple of roaming droids and of course R2-D2. I always fangirl when I see him. It’s like the one thing in Star Wars that actually exists! Whenever he beeps or whistles when I or neighboring people talk to him, it’s always a moment to get excited over.

I also saw a bunch of Game of Thrones fans; there were at least three Daenerys’ walking around. Most of them were carrying dragon eggs, but one of them had the stallion heart as well. I can’t remember who, but one of the goers who wanted a picture with me asked me to pretend-strangle them, kind of like how Lordi does with their fans and I happily did so. There was also a Sansa and a Margaery together too and my friend just had to get a picture with Sansa. There was also a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay that I liked, he asked me what his compass was pointing to and I said it was his bottle of rum. (it didn’t actually have rum in it hahaha) It turns out I was right, and I can’t believe I forgot to ask for a photo with him!

Who’s the odd one out?

Then I encountered a whole group of Disney Princesses to who recognized me right away and when one passerby wanted to take a picture of them, one of them invited me to join in. At first I wanted to decline because I was a villain but they said “But you’re Disney, come in anyway!” that was so sweet. The princesses with the judge together! I was happy to see that there was Rapunzel, Snow White, and Jasmine since I had already seen multiple Belles and Ariels walking around.

Oh, and I cannot describe to you how overwhelming it is when you walk through the place where all the merchants have set shop. I told myself I would like to get at least one souvenir. While Brayden was lugging around a bag of stuff, I was looking for that one perfect item I could take home. It didn’t have to be something large, just something the right size and special. Then, I stumbled upon a stand of jewelry with these colourful light up orbs. I had made my choice which light up one I wanted, the colour, engraving and everything. I had already given the dude my money, but before he could hand me the necklace, I glanced at the other stuff on the table and saw an Evenstar necklace. In a matter of nanoseconds, I changed my mind and told him I wanted the Evenstar instead! The truth is, I’ve wanted that necklace for years but could never find one. When I did, it was either too expensive or really cheap but poor quality. I’m a long-time Ringer, so I wore it with my costume for the rest of the day.

Oh look, I’ve been impaled!

There were also a few cosplays I did not recognize but they wanted photo ops with me as well, like Alucard from Castlevania. He wanted his photo with me to be well….pretending to kill me hahaha! He told me that Frollo was awesome and thought it would just be cool to take things up a notch when we got photos together as you can see above.

There was another cosplayer who I was hoping to get a picture with because he was dressed up as Plo Koon, but he told me that he needed a break from wearing his mask (sweaty I bet!), which is totally understandable, but unfortunately I never got a chance to come back for one with him later, oh well.

Well, what else can I say? It was a fun day, and my Frollo cosplay was such a success, so I’ll definitely go as him again! I mean, why not? I’ve seen some people do certain cosplays more than once at cons. One of the cosplayers I ran into was actually one I saw last year: A male Twi’lek with a double-bladed lightsaber.

So, here’s hoping I’ll be Frollo again for Fan Expo and other cons to come. Maybe next time I will get a wig to go with it. I also hope next time that Brayden can be my Quasimodo or Phoebus!


1 thought on “A Judge’s Day at the Con”

  1. So jealous you got to be with R2-D2. Always my favourite droid. Pleased your Frollo went down well and you had great fun. Must be fun having someone ask if they can kill you for a photograph.


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