Dark Energon

Nothing like a gaming Saturday night, and it seems like only last week I decided to pick up these games again when I found them on Steam.

I’m not sure what made me, I mean I do have them on Xbox as well! It’s so much easier to play them on my computer because I don’t have to worry about a TV being taken, and in the comfort of my room!
I’ve picked up War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, and more to follow. It feels like only yesterday that I reviewed Devastation on here, and now it’s on Steam too! I might even do Rise of the Dark Spark again, even if it wasn’t as good as WFC and FOC. 
After defeating Miraak in Apocrypha, I decided it was time to focus on something else for a bit before I return and binge play Skyrim again, so why not start with another thing I really love in gaming?
Tonight I’m playing more of War for Cybertron, and it also feels like yesterday where I wrote a ramble on that game too. However, it wasn’t like the way I review video games on this blog now. It was just giant walls of text what I thought about each half of the story. But, it’s the game that made me break free of the illusions Michael Bay placed before me in the franchise, so, yeah it’s a classic to me.
Oh speaking of Dark Energon, did I ever tell you I love the concept of how Megatron infuses himself with Dark Energon to make himself stronger, control others and such? In War for Cybertron, my favorite part is when he walks into the chamber, and then begins to control it. He laughs and jumps out saying “I am the dominator, I am the destroyer…… I AM MEGATRON!!!” and then there was in TFP the series premiere Darkness Rising where he uses the Dark Energon in his spark make Cybertronian zombies. That idea seemed a little general but in some ways it worked on the events that followed in later seasons. 
Come to think of it, I started re-watching TFP and ended up getting sidetracked when I was more than halfway through the first season. I can push myself to write things, but pushing myself to watch things or listen to them is even harder. 
I can’t believe the semester is almost over! I got like, two concerts this month, and already I feel the writing demands up on me: I want to talk about the DLCs Dawnguard and Dragonborn, perhaps a Gears of War trilogy ramble, and work on one of my planned fanfictions. Oh, maybe I could write about Fall of Cybertron too! TFCon is coming up again and I didn’t go last year because I wanted to meet Frank Welker but they were asking for too much money that I could give, and a weekend pass was the only way to get it no less! If I do go this year however, I’m probably just going to hang out like the first time I went. Besides, going to TFCon pretty much checked off the bucket list item of going to a Transformers-themed convention because BotCon was too far away.
All this pressure I put on myself to write these things and paska, but aya it’s what I love to do. I also look forward to loving what I do when I become a licensed pharmacy technician as well! There are four things that matter the most to me in life: my career, my family/friends, my health, and my hobbies/passions.

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