Sing and Soar to the other Side

I wish that I could have these dreams more often, where I can just cut loose and forget about all the worries in life.

Now, I think that this one is hinting at something.

It started where I was flying. Not with wings, or anything just like the way anyone would fly in a dream. I flew above the clouds, over a lake and I was singing; unfortunately it wasn’t Carolus Rex this time, even though I wish it was since I will be seeing Sabaton at the end of the month.

I just felt so free as I soared, and I didn’t know the song. I was just singing it joyfully like I was free and happy.

Then, as the sun set and I flew between several island, I began singing something rather dark like this:

A daedric lord’s will, has bound you here
As you seek more power, it’s all too clear
One thousand years, trapped so deep
The great dragon, and the priest

There did I realize when I woke up this morning that those are lyrics I am writing based off a song that went without any meaning to me for years. When I feature the original source on Metal Monday you will know. For now, hmmm I know just who this is about……NO! It’s not….. NO!

Ah, I think I’m in denial of a new fictional crush and that dream is a sign, but I don’t know how I could be because I haven’t had a dream ABOUT him yet, I’ve only encountered him once just a few weeks ago. I suppose these things can skip stages sometimes.

Anyway, after singing that only part of the song in the works, I eventually found myself falling through layers of the roofs of buildings, then these people were muttering how they thought I was a rare type of species.

I jumped from ledge to ledge trying to avoid the captors until I jumped and soared off the one up top right towards the docks of the city. A storm was forming on the sea and a thick waterspout touched down. I did not hear the voices from behind saying they were going to find me.

What am I? A creature that needs to be captured? I’ll never understand when things like that come into these dreams, but when I sing and fly I’m happy.

It would be nice if I had a dream about this character though.


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