I didn’t think today was important until Facebook’s memory feature informed me that today on April 4th was the first day of this blog, the day that I wrote its very first post and started something magical.

Back in my days as an obsessive Lordi fan, I decided to start this storm when I found myself more open and happy when I was writing. It all began with an overly gory and romantic Lordi fanfiction, and the unfortunate failure of a YouTube channel that made this blossom and healed my self-esteem after that failure.

At first it was all about Lordi, so you could say they had an influence on the start of this. But over the years I began adding more things to it. I realized I was meant to be one of those rare kind of bloggers who wrote about everything they loved, not just one. That leads up to where it is today.

Everything I wrote there was for myself, and once I began to attract a small following, that was a plus. (Thank you Mr. Lordi for helping me focus on that when I started this!) But nevertheless I thank my readers both new and long-time for the support. You may not be large in numbers but you are loyal.


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