I am so bored right now, and I’m writing this from Optimus (which is actually my tablet, it’s called an ASUS Transformer book but I call it Optimus because well……Transformer!)

What sucks is my desktop requires repairs because it seems to have a virus that won’t allow it to update. I always get hyper-focused on getting the repairs done whenever one of my gadgets stops working properly. Why should I when I have other ones to work/play on?

Well, tonight I’m going to see Delain and Hammerfall so that should keep me busy and something to write about afterwards.

I only have two final exams to write and once they’re done, I think it’s time to dive into Mass Effect Andromeda. I’ve been left out of it too long already, and it’s been so long since I played Mass Effect in general, I miss it. Better to get it for my Xbox. I have no interest in setting up an EA origins account!

Something tells me that with the new characters, I’m going to find my third fictional love interest from this franchise. Garrus will always be in my heart, and I’m still Thane’s siha no matter who the third alien is. (It’ll be an alien guaranteed hahaha!)

I think once my desktop is fixed I’ll just stick to playing games on it that are only on PC or ones that are on consoles that I don’t have or haven’t hooked up. Playing video games on the couch in front of the big screen is more comfortable than playing at your desk in a chair.

Andromeda and Skyrim Special Edition, two games worth binge playing in the next four months, this should be fun. It’s been too long since I spent countless hours on the Xbox.

Until then, it’s time to go hammer high for the glory and the scum tonight! Signing off.


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