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Suckerpunch the Demons Hammer High

Well, here I am, post-concert again with a sore neck and throat with my ears that stopped ringing just now. I think next time I go to another gig, I’ll wear earplugs so I don’t lose sleep from that aftermath noise!

I’m glad I still went to see Delain and Hammerfall last night, in fact it was completely worth it. I re-encountered some friends who I had met at Lordi two months ago, and even got to chat up a few band members!

So, it turns out we got there just in time for the doors to open. I would have wanted to be at least half an hour early, but what can you do when the traffic becomes shit because of the hockey game the same night?

Since the venue was already filling up, I didn’t feel the need to make a beeline for the stage this time, so I stopped at the merchandise booth and ended up using up all my cash on a Hammerfall patch and a Delain shirt (they had girlie ones thank God), and then I followed Brayden to the small table where Atmora themselves, the opening act for the night were selling their EP and some shirts. I had a nice chat with the lead singer Bailey, she was very cheerful and friendly. I told her I was looking forward to the act, and mentioned that I had got into both headlining bands recently. She asked me about a few other concerts I had been to so I had to tell her about Lordi! (now that I can talk to band members individually, perhaps my brain won’t freeze next time I see/meet them… that I mean Lordi!)

We decided to stand behind the sound systems where all the knobs and computers are. It’s still a good view. However, the one disadvantage is that you can sometimes see the set list attached to all the tech. I tried not to look at it, but it’s still really tempting! Anyway, Atmora was pretty awesome, and luckily, someone from security handed me some money that was from the girl at the Hammerfall merchandise table who did not give me the change after I bought that patch. So, after Atmora finished their set, I went back to their table. The band was already there. I thanked them for a great start, and at first I didn’t think the money I got back was enough to buy the EP, but when Bailey told me it was only $5, I bought it directly from her and the band. I look forward to listening to it.

While waiting for Hammerfall, I stood in the same place behind the sound systems clutching my little purse, which was starting to overflow with merchandise. Then, I didn’t know it at first until Brayden pointed it out to me. Delain’s bassist Otto was standing nearby talking to one of the tech guys, When he turned around, we did get to chat briefly. I shook his hand and told him I had been a fan since I saw Delain open for Nightwish and Sabaton two years ago. He was also very kind and seemed to appreciate how I’ve been a fan for a while. If he stayed a bit longer then perhaps I would have said more, but he had to go back to prepare for the show.

Eventually Hammerfall took the stage and I felt like I was blown away. Oscar had a hammer-shaped guitar and Joacim is such an enthusiastic frontman. I really wanted to belt out every song, but I’m still getting to know the band, So, you know with bands that don’t come here very often, you most likely will not get to hear your favourite songs unless they are fan-favorites of many others too. But no matter, their set was still great.
Everyone, including myself raised their fists in the air during Hammer High. Then I found myself singing the lyrics to any of the other songs I knew, even if I didn’t know all of them. I remember Bloodbound was one of the first Hammerfall songs that I listened to, but only once, and the same with Hearts on Fire, and Last Man Standing. Any Means Necessary was the one I sang the loudest. I have three albums on my iTunes account and none of those songs are on them! Oh well, the most important thing is that even if you don’t know all the songs yet, but you’re already getting into the band, seeing them live will make you want to go deeper into their music!
I felt like I had worn myself out already from jumping, headbanging and singing when Hammerfall finished their set, (and Oscar showed off his abs while Joacim’s voice was swoon-worthy!) but as soon as Delain came on, I was ready for more. I really went full out and sang Glory and the Scum at the top of my lungs as well as Army of Dolls. I think that April Rain will be the next album that I buy as the title song was almost like an instant turn-on for me.

The one song that surprised me at first but made me happy to hear was Danse Macabre. I didn’t it would have enough love from fans, I was wrong. Another song that I belted out, and by the time that song was over I felt like I was already worn out for the night, but stayed until the end of the set. Charlotte was gorgeous on stage and I loved how she would share with us that it was their first headlining act, and Otto might just be a new bassist to add to my list of favorites after tonight.

I got a few extra stuff that some of my friends wanted to give to me. I can’t wait to listen to the new CDs as well. Exams are right around the corner, but I’m happy I went to this gig, and soon I’ll be back there again for Sabaton next week.


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