The Most Precious

Good evening all,

I don’t know why, but sometimes whenever I get to a certain point of the year, especially at the end of the semester, it’s that time where I like to clean out my room. I go through my belongings and decide what I can and cannot part ways with.

I feel like this subject came up when my parents brought forth the idea that I could consider getting some new furniture. I already got a new desk in 2014 which I love, but my dressers and bed have been the same since, well….forever. Sometimes, I think about changing it, and then sometimes I think that I don’t need to, but I always hesitate in making these decisions even though there is no deadline.

When I find things I don’t want anymore, I slip them into a bag and then donate it to charity when the bag is full. I was recently going through the drawers of my nightstand and found some old toys in there. Some of them were cheap dolls that you’d get from McDonald’s, then there was my Atomic Betty doll that my brother gave to me when I turned 13, and then of course my Little Mermaid Polly Pocket made back in 1996. The only Polly Pocket play set that I did not give away. I couldn’t, it was the very first thing I asked Santa for Christmas the first time I finally sat on his lap and wasn’t scared.

A lot of people talk about how you should let go of some things in life, and I know that one shouldn’t put too much value in a material object. That is why I have always spoken about how when I go to things like concerts, I care about having a good time, and getting a unique souvenir rather than the quantity of what I obtain.

However, if there is a lot of value and memories to you contained within that material object, then you should definitely keep it, no matter where you go, it should go with you. Some of us have a few things like that, while some of us have many. I have approximately eighteen action figures on the shelf above me as I write, and each character I have a connection to in a way. I bought my first one when I was seventeen and it was something I never rushed with obtaining more over the years because I was discovering new universes at my own pace, and finding out which characters I liked the most. Whichever one I grew attached to, I would buy a figure of them if it existed. (I might just write about that again) It’s basically a small collection but a special one because each character is closer to me. I would rather have my favourites than a horde of all of the characters from Mass Effect for example.

People talk about finding what is the most valuable to you and sometimes that happens when you feel like doing some cleaning, or you’re moving. You’ll be going through a bunch of things deciding what to keep as you pack/clean. We may have a lot of them at first but then sometimes we eventually narrow them down to the most precious. Been there done that, with my stuffed animals for example. I had so many of them long before I even owned a computer, and now only thirteen remain… which isn’t a lot, but those are the special ones.

If I narrowed down the framed pictures on the wall and dresser to the ones I would keep and take with me wherever I go, it would definitely be: my autographed Optimus Prime drawing, a photo of myself in a starry background with a plush dog, my autographed Lordi poster, an inspirational quote, and my photo with Lordi. Those are all very precious to me. It’s okay to have multiple things you cannot live without.

If it’s a collection, but not a very large one (for small items like CDs and cards: under 1000. For larger items like action figures: under 50), then there is definitely a way it can be portable when you move and I believe that smaller collections have more meaning to me.

To be honest, my music collection isn’t that large. It consists mainly of albums from bands I really love. For example, every time Lordi releases a new album, I have to have a physical copy, even if it means buying from a website that requires every page to be translated from the native language of the record label while making the purchase. It’s like a rule for me when it comes to the bands that have the biggest influence on me.

We may end up liking something less than we usually did but the lesson I learned the hard way is: if you have something in relation to it, keep it because it will always a special meaning to you. That is why when it comes to cleaning things out, I am more careful with what I give away. I pulled out that little Little Mermaid Polly Pocket and only then did I realize there was no way I could part ways with it. I haven’t watched The Little Mermaid in a long time, but inside, Ariel is still special to me and always will be.

I don’t know why I felt like writing this tonight, it was just the whole thought that came to me upon cleaning out some clutter, putting away my notes from the semester once it ended, and the thought of getting new furniture in the future, even if that doesn’t happen until I leave the nest. Maybe the thought of possibly getting new furniture made me feel pressured wondering where I would put my valuables once everything was assembled from there. Would I be able to place my action figures and other decorative stuff where I thought was best? Could I still put my photo with Lordi on the new nightstand? But then again, it all comes down to when these changes happen, nothing is impossible, and I shouldn’t have to feel forced to change something or get rid of things that are too precious to me.

So, I’m not entirely opposed to material objects having value to us, whether it’s one thing, ten, or even thirty. Just remember to pick them wisely when you sort through them whether you’re cleaning your room, packing it up for a move, etc. I’ve also seen articles that suggest you sell a bunch of shit for money whenever you’re moving. I strongly disagree with those. I want to make a living as much as everyone else does, but I would never sell such things, whether it be my clothes or my jewelry. (some of that bling-bling was tough to track down!)

To close this off, here’s that little Polly Pocket I’ve kept all this time:


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