Attero Dominatus – This Soldier’s Screaming

I always believed they would come back, and they did. Last summer Sabaton suddenly came back into my life when they announced a new album. The first single was released and that was my jam from June to late August. I don’t know what it was, but somehow that was the summer I became a more devoted fan and eventually they entered deeper into my heart. Thus, my love for power metal has been significantly high.

So, I told myself that one day they will return soon, and this time I would be ready. Last night, I certainly was ready, and went to hell and back with no regrets.
It was raining hard when we arrived at the venue and stood behind the sound system again. Due to it being a sold out show and late arrival, I had no interest in going to the floor. Large crowds spell bad news if you’re not a mosher and did not show up early enough to be up front.
What sucks is I clearly should have brought more money as I was five dollars short from affording a tour shirt, and forgot my card to use the ATM. Oh well, I could probably get one online later.
Yep I was in the exact same place as I was last week, it’s loud but offers a decent view if you show up late and prefer to just watch and enjoy. So Leave’s Eyes came on first. I was quite intrigued by them jumping a few times but then I decided to save all my energy for Sabaton, because I waited a while to see them again, now that I was actually a fan. But, I will say they were pretty good, they might just make me check out there music later.
After that came Battle Beast. I sort of knew a few things about them, and had some friends who liked them, including one who I have met at the previous concerts at this venue this year. I was surprised that the lead singer was female. I was expecting something, in terms of sound, kind of like Twilight Force or Sonata Arctica even thought I’ve only heard one song from both those bands. I’d say that Battle Beast was pretty cool. Their intro before they hit the stage grabbed my attention so I am hoping to hear more after last night.
My friends kept teasing me about Joakim between songs and sets since they know I have a crush on him. It was impossible to ignore. But now, I’ve reached a point where I think all the members in the band are cute.
The stage went dark and we were chanting “SABA-TON! SABA-TON!” on and off until In the Army Now was heard from the stage. The lights came back on at the end of the song and I literally screamed every band member’s name as they came on one by one like “HAAANNNNEEESSSS!!!!” “TOMMMMYYYY!!!!” “CHRRRIISSS!!!” “PAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!” “JOOOOAAAAAAAAKKKKKIIIIMMMM!!!!!!” and screaming out “I LOVE YOU!” multiple times. Just like with Lordi, I went fucking ballistic, and didn’t give a shit if other people around me thought my voice was too high pitched or I was like one of those rabid pop fangirls.

Then they broke into Ghost Division and all I could do was jump, sing, headbang and scream. I ran out of energy pretty fast last night, that I thought I was going to collapse during the songs I didn’t know by heart. My earplugs fell out when I was unable to resist the urge to headbang, but thankfully my tank earrings stayed in place. I’d say that just like with Lordi, the entire set list was great, with some unexpected tracks played as well.
I went hysterical when they played Union and Attero Dominatus, seeing as those are two rare tracks in my opinion that I thought didn’t get enough love, especially Union, I always crank that one up high when my iPod plays it. I haven’t memorised the lyrics but at concerts I don’t care, I sing as loud and as best I can.
Between songs, Jocke joked around and seemed pleased that the crowd was already going crazy before halfway into the set list. Then of course he introduced Tommy to us, generating the usual humor when Swedish Pagans must be played. Other than that, he seemed grateful that they would get to do a full headline show and just wanted to focus on playing some power metal for us.
My favourites that got me in to the band and also ones that brought back my love for them were played, and I sang those so loud I thought I was going to lose my voice. It was like I was screeching the lyrics more than actually singing. Those included: The Last Stand, Sparta, Carolus Rex, Gott Mit Uns (I think I was the only one who sang it in English!), Night Witches, Winged Hussars, The Lost Battalion, Primo Victoria, and To Hell and Back.
In short, that’s almost the ENTIRE set list! I even had a headbanging/horn-raising routine for Sparta and Carolus Rex. While I sang Carolus Rex, I could imagine being at the Phoenix two years ago hearing that song live and starting to move to it, to jump, raising my arms as that was the song that turned me onto the band. The song that I also sometimes sang in my dreams as I flew. For Sparta I was hoping Jocke would come with a Spartan helmet on like at the European shows, but I guess they couldn’t bring that on this tour.
My eyes were glued to the stage as they started the encore with Diary of an Unknown Soldier and I was reminded of last summer when I was binge-listening to The Lost Battalion, and singing it whenever I rode my bike. Then having that intro track on the album made the song even more epic like a calm before the storm. The moment that song started, I immediately burst into singing. It’s safe to say the same thing happened with To Hell and Back given that’s also a song I sing a lot.

So, to sum up, it was a helluva great night. My only feedback is that the only two songs I wished I could have heard are Uprising, and A Lifetime of War. I also did not like how a big mosh pit broke out where I could see it. Sabaton isn’t really moshing material, or for crowd-surfing and shoulder riding in my opinion. That’s all I am going to say about that because I would rather focus on the positive.

I was completely worn out and had to get up early the next day but I’m still feeling the post-concert symptoms as Sabaton kicked so much ass last night. Thank you Jocke, Par, Chris, Hannes, and Tommy for the awesome night. Maybe next time I’ll get VIP! Safe travels and I hope you return soon!


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