Alien to Everything Around Me

Today has been busy, and it’s shocking because I have never been this busy since the semester ended last week.

I decided to go to a bunch of workshops at my college for students with…well…similar challenges to me who hope to become employed someday just like everyone else. I feel like all of my friends have jobs except me, only because I have decided to focus on my education first and then get a job in my field of study once I am licensed in the profession. I’m glad I went to those workshops, I feel like I have learned some new things that I can take with me when I start job hunting, and the services that I can turn to for support to find one and keep one.
It was raining again today but well that’ll bring the flowers of May. My bleeding heart has already sprouted and that’s why I love this month because it blooms in may and it’s my favorite flower.
Anyway, so by the time I got home, the rain was on and off; you have no idea how much I wish there was a rainy day when I’m out, and there is no wind blowing at the same time. Nothing is more frustrating than having the wind pull your umbrella around!
I got in the door and found a nice Sephora package waiting for me. Since they offer free birthday gifts I felt like now was the time to treat myself. But with what? All the items on my makeup wishlist I wanted but didn’t feel like I needed them right away until the stuff I already had was either used up or no good anymore, so…..
The perfect perfume for someone like me!

I’ve tried samples of Mugler’s Alien many times and only then did the scent grow on me when I took the full bottle to spray on my wrist. The scent was unique and not too strong like those sweet-smelling teen perfumes I had. I told myself I was going to wait until I had used up the bottles I had, before buying this due to the price. But since my birthday was coming, I yielded and bought a bottle along with my free birthday gift which are the two smaller products next to the perfume.

I also got a few free samples, plus a bag of fragrance samples. The only two I know of are Angel Muse and Daisy. I hope Muse smells nice; I might buy the full bottle if it does, or maybe I’ve tried it before but don’t remember. 
So yeah, I just felt like for the birthday present to myself, why not get a more mature and sophisticated fragrance? It could serve as my go-to in the long run, especially since it’s refillable. There’s no denying that I love scented things, and I think Alien is the perfect fragrance to match who I am as a person. Thierry Mugler describes the scent as unique, and the name Alien refers to that inside every woman is something unique and special that makes them alien to everything else around them (in a good way of course). That’s me all over. 
I also love how the bottle resembles an amethyst, one of my favourite gems. It’s just that lovely violet that got me infatuated.

Again, it’s always the look of the bottle that lures us in!


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