Carry the Force

I think many of you are expecting me to come up with another random blabber post which I always seem to do on birthday. Well, here it is I guess.

I’ve been quite busy over the weekend, as originally I was going to do all the celebration plans today, but when when other commitments in my family came up, I ate out with them on Friday and then went out with my friends on Saturday.

It was good to try a new place and I never knew that dessert restaurant near the arcade was there. Arcades are fun until they get too crowded and it’s always fun to save up coupons for prizes; but I tell you, sometimes the prices for certain prizes is ridiculous. We’re talking 300 coupons for a fucking Autobot sticker you can put on your car. If I had enough coupons I would have got a new pair of headphones, you know, well…you never know when your old ones will die.

Unfortunately what followed was not the best way to start the day that my birthday really was on. I woke up at 4am with diarrhea and felt bloated all morning, so I’ve been eating a little bit all day at irregular times, only now do I feel better. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with spending your birthday relaxing and taking it easy. I still have to go through the bag of gifts I got last night, but today I felt like playing KOTOR again, as it’s been too long. Then tonight after having some Swiss Chalet; the only actual meal, I’ll probably do a bit of Andromeda.

It’s strange, I never feel like I’m older. However, I do feel like I’m wiser, but I guess I’ve reached a point in my life where age no longer matters. Now, I only tend to think of age as a number. As we get older, it doesn’t mean we have to give up things that society would consider too young for us. Remember, I’m the type of person who enjoys what they love no matter how different it is. I deeply value finding the balance between adult responsibilities and having the time pursue my passions; be it writing, video games, or music.

I might consider making plans with some more friends this week that didn’t get a chance to celebrate with me yesterday, perhaps Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with dinner would be sufficient.

For now, I think I’ll just have myself a good dinner and then go take the Moshae back to Aya.


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