The Cube

It’s been a while since I wrote about a decent dream, so why not last night’s?

It started in the schoolyard of my elementary school. I’ve had many dreams that have taken place there such as one where a deadly tornado thin as a strand of spaghetti was terrorizing the place.

I was on the swings just having a good time when something massive began to eclipse the sun. Normally it isn’t advised to look directly at a solar eclipse (in fact there has been one confirmed here on the 21st of August and I hope I will get to “see” it) but this one did not hurt my eyes. Instead of the moon blocking the sun, it was a massive cube.

Maybe it was a borg ship, or maybe it wasn’t.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it, was a borg ship but, then there was an inner voice telling me to run as fast as I could. Children were screaming and their parents started to collect them. I ran towards the other side of the schoolyard towards the fence. I looked back briefly as I ran, to see a large white cube slowly collide from below with the dark one, and I threw open the small gate and squeezed through.

In real life, what was beyond that schoolyard would be a few apartment buildings, but instead it was a straight road with those buildings on each side. I ran faster and already knew there was destruction behind me. It made me think those two cubes must have set off a nuclear blast or something, but there was no sound of the destruction. I knew it was happening, but there was no way to know for sure that it was the amount of damage a nuclear bomb could do.
Then the city ended with a cliff and all at once I was flying instead of falling, straight across open ocean towards a yacht where I landed hoping to be safe from whatever chaos was on shore forever. 
I quickly befriended most of the crew. The captain was a man that reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and some of them were aliens. I was suddenly attracted to one of them who looked like Jaal Ama Darav. (a nice reminder that I’ve been playing too much Mass Effect Andromeda) If it really was Jaal I would want things to go further. Foreshadowing anyone? I will write about my progress later, and when I beat the game I will share my thoughts too.

I feel like my creativity in these dreams I write about is lacking whenever I have to take what I remember and make my own story. Either I’m getting lazy, or I just haven’t had any really good dreams that I recall vividly enough to share here. Who knows? But hey, if Jaal is in it, please let it become more……uh, never mind. *snicker*


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