Grand Illusions

Ah, it’s been too long…. well scratch that it’s only been a week. I apologize if you haven’t heard from me since last Monday. I’ve been sick with a cold, and sometimes when I’m sick, I lose the motivation to write anything. The last time I had a cold was when I went up to the cottage with my family for NYE, and then I had a terrible cough that lasted for months. I don’t know what’s worse, being sick while on holiday, or being sick in the spring, which is my favorite time of the year when the weather isn’t shifting.

I felt like most of the week was where I was getting some stuff done, and it wasn’t until Friday where I finally got some well-deserved relaxation and a nice nap.

So, Portugal won Eurovision this year. I forget the artist’s name. I don’t watch the program but I have enough friends overseas that make me want to tune into this stuff. Or maybe I’m just keeping up because I’m waiting for another rock/metal act since Lordi…..or for Lordi themselves to show up on it again even if it’s just a HRH playback!

Anyway, I ordered myself one of those Pearl Bath Bombs earlier and I don’t know why, I’m looking forward to trying it. They also contain a ring inside of them which is pretty sweet.

Now I’m kind of wishing I didn’t lose my motivation to write when I got sick. I wanted to write about a dream I had, but all that I remember in it was I was in a gym with a bunch of adults and kids. Mr. Lordi was teaching a cardio class we were in, and only I was the most active participant. I even wore my Hug Me Hardcore shirt. I think he gave me something later after the class and said to me, “You know, your name must be Emily right? You look like someone with that name.” Oh my God, I am crazy but I don’t care.

Unfortunately this cold has gone anywhere yet, but perhaps since it’s been a week now, it may start to take its leave and I can get back to writing again.


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