Hunted by Phantoms

Finally, I got some decent sleep last night. I have to remember to read a book before bedtime because it clears my mind, and sometimes it can lead to a decent dream.

I’ve had dreams where I fly across the river from my house, but there’s always something different on the other side that isn’t what is actually there in real life. I know what is really there since I like to walk around that part of the river sometimes. In these dreams it’s always a method of escape for me to fly across that river.

Forgive me readers, for the creatures in this dream that pursued me, I won’t know them. If you’re a Zelda fan then what I am about to describe to you, might remind you of enemies you might encounter in those games.

I was returning to my house on a warm and overcast day. I had just been to that gelato shop close to the downtown area of my hometown and the streets were awfully quiet. I finished my ice cream and put the cup in the trash and heard loud footsteps with metal clanking like mail and armor together.

The first thing I thought of, and I don’t know how it hit me…..but it was a phantom, a dark knight that is one of Zelda’s special attacks in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. I sometimes play as her and she was my second best character for years. I’d appreciate it that you cut me some slack before attacking me for not knowing or playing the games in the Zelda universe. I am just sharing this dream from my memory.

I couldn’t find the right picture of that phantom so I picked a Darknut. I only know what they are because you can fight them in Smash Run, so please don’t bash me for this.

I kept walking and faster when I began to see more of them patrolling the streets. It was like there was a curfew, and they didn’t want to catch anyone outside their homes after a certain time of day. Ii reminds me of the people in Lacunosa town, who were too scared to go out after dark because they thought Kyurem would emerge from the giant chasm, abduct, and eat one of them!

If Kyurem was in this dream instead, it would make writing about it easier!

I was starting to approach the South road that I always took to get back to my house and then I heard two of those knights coming from afar, between the two apartment buildings. They were muttering that they were looking for someone who could command great beasts against the evil one of their own kind. As soon as I heard that, I knew I had to run. One of them whispered they saw someone, and I was the only one who was out wandering so it had to be me.

I started to run down the road back to my house and suddenly the sidewalk became a slide carrying me quickly towards my destination. But, once I arrived at my house, the door was locked and from the window I could see that it was deserted. The key was no where to be found, and seconds later I could already hear the knights rapidly catching up from the slide. I spun around chanting “Dragon gold awakening” (I still cannot decipher what I said exactly from these dreams every time I do some sort of chant!)

Then I was suddenly spreading wings and flying through the trees across the street and over the ravine. I could hear those knights yelling in rage that they could not reach me. On the other side of the river, instead of the neighborhood there in real life that I walk through a lot, there was a huge window with blinds.

I flew from one side to another trying to find a way in, desperate to lose my pursuers should they find a way across. First I banged, then I cried when no one could hear me from the other side. Eventually, I pried the huge blinds open and squeezed myself inside to a single corridor. There was a road of cars all heading in the same direction as crowds of people walked on each side. I flew above them following everyone to wherever they were going.

The road went from what you’d typically see in a big city, to a massive dining hall, and then out into a major intersection that reminded me of the one that is near the train station. All the while as I flew, I kept hearing someone singing Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift, you know, back when she was actually good as an artist and songwriter. Come at me Swifties, I dare you! How dare I have a different opinion! Wait, maybe I was the one singing that song!

Anyway, I came through a big door into an open space, I started talking to this girl who was playing Pokemon Go nearby and asked her if she had seen any black armored knights looking for someone. She said she heard something, but never saw anything, and told me if I was looking to escape; I should head for the sky castle where my master was waiting. She [the girl] must have known who I was. I nodded and heard a loud commotion, like people screaming and running and it was coming from behind the door. The knights must have found a way across the river and were in hot pursuit.

I thanked the girl and started to fly upward, and then that was when I woke up just after 6am.

I’m sure some Zelda fans in this post can help me fill in the holes of this dream, or perhaps suggest something that happens to make it better.

Until then, I’m going to work on my drawing of a certain priest….. and it’s not Frollo this time!


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