Triple Threat

I never thought I would experience three different universes in one dream. It’s hard to imagine it shifting from one thing to another in the blink of an eye. But, sometimes my brain is just in the mood to come up with something really creative for my nighttime films that play when I’m asleep!

This dream started off with me in the college of Winterhold. I was a battle-mage and had just enrolled. I kept to myself in my dorm spending most of my down time reading. The other students didn’t understand me, how engrossed I was in my books and the ones. I told them I had come from Solstheim to join and I had brought books from there that I had found in mostly ancient ruins and a temple.

J’zargo kept talking about the darkness happening on Solstheim how books there were corrupt, and all those who read them would venture to other worlds and never return.

Later at class the Arch-Mage walked by and supervised the lesson, I could not stop thinking about one of the books I had found on Solstheim, and did not perform well in the endurance test where each of us were put on a type of ride like a rollercoaster: each part consisted of chambers where we would endure types of spells to see how well we would respond to them such as ice, fire and even ones that could summon our worst fears.

By the time the lesson was over, the Arch-Mage Savos Aren stopped me before I could leave telling me he noticed something was amiss; how distracted I was. I told him about the books and he told me to see him in his chambers that night and bring the book. I came with the large black book and he told me to be cautious as there was dark magic and forbidden knowledge within. Fearing it would kill me if I read it alone, we opened the book together and we were pulled into Apocrypha.

There right before our eyes was Miraak and two seekers by his side. He turned around.

Miraak this and Miraak that, it’s obvious that I like him

Already he deemed us as a threat knocking us down with one of his shouts. The impact killed Savos Aren instantly but had almost no effect on me as I fell to my knees. Then he spoke:

  “Well, what have we here? A primitive mage and…. no I can feel it…. it’s not possible. This woman, she is not Dragonborn, yet dragon blood runs strong in her, she is the Dragon Master!” Then he ordered his seekers to dispose of the Arch-Mage’s body and then [Miraak] approached me offering his hand. “Come with me, there is much that we must speak of.” I took his hand and as we mounted his dragon and flew, the whole environment changed from the skies of Apocrypha to myself falling through a portal at incredible speed.

It was like a space bridge, between worlds, and then I was floating in the center of a colorful sky where everything seemed to be fused together. There was no bottom or top, and as I looked around, a large which figure flew rapidly towards me, revealing itself to be no one other than Naga.

Would you trust an old foe?
He stared at me but there was no sign of him being hostile upon noticing me, his old foe right before him trapped in a dream. Instead, he said, “My long time enemy, I have a proposition for you. One that does not involve you handing over the Infinity core, or taking my side. But let yourself feel the power of the Silent core, you will see how it it has changed me. It can change you too, and only then will you understand what I desire. From this we can make peace.”

He seemed honest with his words but I did not trust him. It sounded like a trick to me, and Naga was known for being very manipulative.
I opened my mouth about to refuse him, until suddenly I was falling again and landed on something soft. It was nighttime and I was on the beach. A group of people were gathering at the shoreline and looking at the stars. Over the horizon I could see a bunch of stars in the formation of a hook. The first thing I thought of was:
Friendly reminder that I need to watch Moana again

Yeah, Maui would be beyond that horizon. Nobody even wanted to go that far, they were all just bystanders. Then, without hesitating I ran into the water and started to swim. The water lit up as I went, and it seemed like I was swimming for hours but barely got far. I heard screams from behind me and looked back to see Te Ka’s darkness devouring the people who were at shore. I shut my eyes and when I opened them again, I was back on the shore. An elderly woman came up to me and pointed to a glowing current in the water. She said, “Step into that current child, Te Fiti has given you another chance.” I did as she said and suddenly I was moving rapidly across the sea like a motorboat to where Maui might have been. But, I woke up before I could even come ashore to where I was.

Given the title being Triple Threat, it could be that the three characters I faced were questionable as to trust them or not. Miraak being a rash individual who betrayed his masters, he could have betrayed me at any given moment (I hope he doesn’t!). Naga of course would always be deemed a threat based on all the stories and pictures I have drawn where I am the dragon master and he is my arch enemy. Maui, it depends, in the movie when Moana arrives on his island he seems nice at first but then tricks her so he can steal her boat. If he did not help her restore Te Fiti’s heart and continued to do what he did, he would probably be a danger to humanity as the darkness and monsters continue to grow. But like I said, it depends greatly.
I apologize if I neglected this week’s Metal Monday post. I didn’t have a lot of time to write today, and I was out with a friend who didn’t get to a chance to celebrate my birthday with me. We got lunch, hung out at the arcade; I won a lucky jackpot at the slot machine so I wonder what I should spend my coupons on once I’ve saved up enough, and then we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Hilarious movie, that’s all I’m going to say. Once I got home I wanted to finish this post and honestly I’m too worn out to bother choosing a song tonight.
I may have not written this week’s song, but I do have some metal news to share this week, so please watch out for that.
Oh, and happy Victoria day. I don’t really celebrate it anymore, but still.

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