Gathering of the Wolves

As I wrote on my last dream article this week, this Victoria day turned out be wild; wild with the pack, and when I say pack, there is only one thing that I mean by that.

My dear friend loves to spoil me for my birthday and Christmas every year, despite me telling him that he doesn’t need to splurge to get me something nice, but he does regardless and I yield to what I receive. I was hoping he would be there for my birthday celebration at the arcade but unfortunately he had to work so we celebrated together on Victoria day with pizza and Guardians of the Galaxy. I always open his gifts the moment I receive them, and this year was quite thoughtful:

The two volumes of Powerwolf’s history of heresy, and I was shocked to discover this in the bag. At the same time I kind of suspected it, as he has a habit of sometimes telling me what he’s going to get me. He said it had to do with Powerwolf, hence why my Victoria day was wild with the pack!

I’m quite impressed with the contents, here in the first box contain Return in Bloodred and Lupus Dei, along with another disk and a booklet of Powerwolf’s early days in the making of the two albums and the tours that followed with each of them. Most of it is written by Matthew, but Charles and Attila pitch in too, as well as other notables; like those who participated in choirs and driving the tour bus.
Words cannot describe how much I love reading things like this: history of bands on their formation, album recording, tours, etc. they’re always heartwarming and funny written by the band members. I’m still reading the first part as I write this. (now I think I understand why they keep inserting hallelujahs into the choruses!)
And of course, volume two contains the next book on the band’s history as well as the next two albums that will be written about in there. Bible of the Beast and Blood of the Saints I already had digital copies of that I purchased but seeing as Powerwolf was a band I was starting to love more, I thought it was good to have physical copies as they tend to be higher value to me as a fan.
With that being said, it’s safe to say that I now have all the albums from my favourite wolves!

Preachers of the Night was the first I bought when that local HMV was still up and running, and I scored Blessed and Possessed at that one splurge I had at the record store one time long after the local one closed down.

People keep saying I need to get compilation disks next, but the one pet peeve I have is when you tell me what I need to get. The word “need” is like saying it’s something I should get as a means to survival, it’s like….uh….food. I don’t collect merchandise, I get what I want the most. BIG difference. If I have all the studio albums, there’s no point hoarding the compilations if they just have the same songs on them. If there are bonus tracks I’ll buy them on iTunes, or if I’ve listened to them online and am not fond of them, I can live without it. I’ve been longing to develop the “devil-may-care” attitude in any band fandom now.

I feel like I love Powerwolf more than the day I first got into them, and my desire to see them live is increasing. Like I’ve said in an earlier post, they’ve never been here before, but hey if Lordi made it here eventually, then so will Powerwolf, right?

Yeah, I would have chosen a song by them this week if I didn’t forget, so maybe next week. So, now that I have them all, which album is my favorite? I think that’s pretty easy, I’m going to go with Blood of the Saints, it’s easily the one I listen to the most, and it’s that dark intro that turns me on, and songs like We Drink Your Blood and Son of a Wolf easily get stuck in my head and I start singing.

Well, enough of that, I should be off to bed now, it’s an early start tomorrow and I would like to finish reading the first History of Heresy booklet before I turn the lights out! I just wish that epic Powerwolf dream I had back in January would come back tonight and resume where it left off so I can write about it here!


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