Stay Strong and Clear

What a busy Saturday!

Only now can I sit down and write a short post because I can, (and I should!). I find myself slowly feeling better about myself as I exercise not just my body but also my brain. I have taken up morning meditation and I think I’m already seeing the benefits.

So, there’s that and then there’s Andromeda, which I am binge playing. Friday nights I could be in the game for up to five hours. But, I’m taking my time to explore, getting viability on planets for settling, and only tackling the main story line when I feel like it.

You’re going to ask me, what skills am I focusing on? Am I going to have casual flings, or a serious relationship with whom? Have I bothered with multiplayer? How many planets have I made inhabitable? I will not say now, but once I complete the main story, I will start writing my ramble on the game revealing the answers to most of those questions and the usual that I do when it comes to my movie and video game reviews.

Until then, I will close this off with my favorite place in the Andromeda galaxy so far:


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