Gigs Galore!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all having some music in souls today, because I’ve decided to make this post all about my upcoming confirmed concerts in the next few months!

15/07/2017 – I’ll be ready for my third ritual with Ghost and my first time seeing Maiden. I was never a huge fan, but I do keep an open mind with bands. So, you never know, after this gig, I might just become one.
03/09/2017 – I missed Epica last time they were here, but I won’t this time! They’re coming back for another big tour and I’ve become a bigger fan since the release of their new album. Luckily, it’s on the long weekend before the semester starts up so I can sleep in afterwards! I’ll definitely do all my back to school prep the day before.
13/09/2017 – The only pop gig that I’m going to so far. I’ve liked Katy since my teen years and even now she still remains one of my favorite pop artists. I told my mom about this tour and she took immediate interest so I scored tickets in a pretty sweet spot, just hours after they went on sale. That’s lucky.
22/09/2017 – Last but not least is another big gig for me this year. I’ve waited 5 years to see Megadeth since I missed them last time they were here in August 2012 so I’m definitely going there for them. They’re a bucket list band for me. Just like with Maiden/Ghost, perhaps I’ll come back loving the Scorpions too.
That should be it for now, the only other concert I’ve been considering but haven’t made up my mind about yet is Dragonforce. It’s funny, three of these gigs are all in the same month, which is the easiest month of the semester before the demands increase. But all I need is my music and I can get through anything.
Any fellow concert goers got gigs coming up soon?

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