Sparkling Surprises

I feel like I caved in to another addictive beauty thing in life, only this time it’s less expensive than the stuff at the nearest makeup store.

I was always flooded with sponsored pages of stuff you could put in your bathtub, watch it dissolve and inside would reveal a pretty ring, a diamond if you’re lucky. I’ve already tried two of these and I love them. In fact, one of them even gave me the ring worn by Daenerys (Season 7 hurry up!) my last one was a surprise, and the ring is pretty, but for some reason I have a feeling it isn’t a real diamond and the material feels more like aluminum instead of sterling silver. Maybe I got a dud, but it’s still pretty.

Two is sufficient for now, but my gut is telling me to try the scents Morning Rose and Love Potion! But I think what I want more is an N7 hoodie and this custom necklace of a certain alien I saw on Etsy. Well, priority entertainment purchases…..sci-fi always wins! So next on leisure shopping list: definitely Mass Effect stuff! Stay tuned, my Instagram will reveal the grabs.


2 thoughts on “Sparkling Surprises”

  1. Very true 😊 we all need that little thing to relax, as long as we do not get too hooked onto it. You can't have too many of them to a point where you can't choose which one you want to use!


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