Date Night on the Tower

So, to bring back the positive vibes to this place, I think it’s best to start with a dream!

Nothing makes me happier than writing about a nice dream, and this one felt like a flashback at the beginning of the month.

I didn’t want to write about this at first because I thought it would give away what I’ve been up to in Andromeda, before I write out my ramble about the game itself. But oh well, there’s no point hiding it now, since it’s already been given away on the fictional crushes page, and my social media accounts who I have romanced in the game that is in this dream.

This dream seemed to start when I was walking down the road of my neighborhood at night, and there was only one light coming from a house with a large window. It was like the one in my house’s living room, but I knew I wasn’t home yet. A large group of people were having dinner and some of them were not even human.

Someone waved at me from the window and I wanted to go, but inside my heart said no. I was waiting for someone else, I was waiting for the only one that would wait for his darling one (me) to arrive.

Oh Jaal, please help me forget all that’s happened this morning!

I can’t remember much of this dream because of how short it was. I know it happened very early in the morning, roughly an hour before I decided to get up.

I heard Jaal’s voice in the dark “Where are you my darling one?” I started run down the streets of the night and the lights went out one by one. Soon, the only light was the moon illuminated my path, and by the lake I could see a tower at the end of the pier.

It wasn’t the lighthouse, but a different sort of tower, and Jaal was near. I ran across the pier and climbed the ladder to the top. Then, there he was staring at the lake, but he turned around the moment he heard me.

“My darling one, you left the banquet for me?” 

I told him I couldn’t stay. Perhaps I had run away because he was not welcome there and I would rather be with him.

He said nothing, took me in his arms and we kissed for what seemed like hours. After that, we stayed together lying under the stars and holding hands. Even when dawn was approaching, we didn’t want to leave.

I woke up from that dream thinking of it still before the fire came. It’s funny, usually I have one or two dreams with a fictional crush before I kiss them in a dream. But with Jaal, since he is more emotional, he is the most affectionate!

I can’t wait to write my ramble on the game, especially my romance with him!

Until then, I think I’ll play some more this evening.

When he calls me “darling one” my heart stops.


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