Caroleans are Marching On

Finally I got some decent sleep last night! I let my cat come into the room as I was getting into bed and cuddled her for a little before she decided to abandon me.

I fell asleep quickly and began to dream. It started where I was walking across the bridge that overlooked the river in the valley, and suddenly I heard voices and footsteps but they were no where to be found. That was when I realized that they were in my head.

They were marching sounds and soldiers chanting and suddenly I burst out shouting:

“The Caroleans are coming! The Caroleans are coming! I must go to them!” 

Unfortunately I never saw anyone dressed like them in this dream so it made me wonder why I was saying the Caroleans were coming if none of them were actually in this dream!

People were starting to stare and get uncomfortable with it. One woman even tried to restrain me to come to my senses, but I pushed her away and started running so fast, until I spun around and next thing I knew, I was flying over the valley and fast like a speeder.

I heard shouts from behind but I continued to fly faster. Then, it became dark and I started to sing as I flew over uneven lights, on the ground, which could only be lights on the tracks of rollercoasters. I looked down listening to the screams and started to sing Carolus Rex while soaring over the theme park. At one point I felt like I lost my voice, as there are some times in dreams where I try to sing, speak, or shout and I can’t. While I sang, I eventually soared higher above the clouds briefly and started looping, spinning, and flipping, just like the last major vivid dream I had like this.

Eventually I landed at what appeared to be a train station for a quick breather. That was when someone pinned me to the ground to try and get me to snap out of it. I thought it was the same woman earlier who thought I was crazy. I was like “Never! I need to be there! I have to see them!” then I managed to break free and take off flying once again into the night.

Soon, I came to a great sea, which could only be to me the Atlantic ocean. That’s right, there’s only one place to go and that is Sweden. Suddenly, in my mind I saw the city of Stockholm right in front of me and only a river-sized gap of water separating me from the city. It was like the whole landscape had been altered to save time on the journey. I flew across the “river” and landed in the city. There I started looking around for any signs of these Caroleans.

I may not be familiar with Swedish history, and I would probably have to listen to the album again to really absorb the story behind each song, but I still knew what these soldiers looked like. I wandered the streets in excitement and I was starting to see black armored knights patrolling. At this point I began to realize in this dream, that the Caroleans I was looking for were not the actual soldiers, but Sabaton. I got this idea when the band’s Swedish fan club called themselves the Swedish Caroleans.

There, I figured that these knights knew where the band was. I leaned up against the wall in an alley with a dumpster, and waited for one of them to pass by. As soon as the moment came, I tackled the knight, pulled him into the alley, knocked him out and took his armor. Once I had donned it, I started following where all the other knights were going. That led me to a store with a large black curtain. There were people speaking Swedish and I heard a few voices I recognized, including Jocke and Chris.

The knights were gathering behind the black curtain, and keeping my helmet on so no one would suspect I was a fan in disguise, I pushed the curtain aside to enter the room and found myself standing in a square-shaped fenced courtyard and the band was getting ready to rehearse. Jocke was at the mic and seemed to stop like this when I came in.

He seemed impressed like “Ah our new bodyguards are here! We won’t be disturbed.” and then he laughed. The others looked rather grateful, and seeing their faces, I started shaking inside the armor. Even though they didn’t know who I was, there was a desire inside me to burst out of my disguise and hug every single one of them.

When Tommy instructed where each knight was to stand guard, that was when I woke up from this dream. I felt like I wanted to sleep in to let it continue but instead I had to get up. I’ve always been a morning person, ever since I started my pharmacy technician program!

That’s it for now, I’m off to the cottage tomorrow. You might still hear from me, and also maybe I should write something tomorrow as there is a certain movie I recently came to love last year, and tomorrow is its anniversary!

Anyway, it was good to have another vivid Sabaton dream!


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