Paris in her Darkest Hour

Good evening, as you read this, you’ll be happy to learn that I am enjoying the nice summer breeze at the cottage as it is the first day of summer. I thought it would be a good time to get away for a bit you know?

Last night, I suddenly remembered a movie anniversary that would be today. I knew I wouldn’t get a chance today to do much to honor it, so I spent last night briefly dressing up for the occasion.

On this day in Disney history The Hunchback of Notre Dame was released 21 years ago. A movie I recently came to love as much as those from my childhood, that sometimes doesn’t get enough love from the Disney media pages. It feels like I’ve been infatuated with this classic story for a long time now; it’s only been a year, but still. 
Back on the 6th of January it was Topsy Turyy day, and now it’s the anniversary. You have no idea how much I can’t wait for my next con so I can become Frollo again. Perhaps that’s why I sometimes dress up as him like for no reason! Nothing like playing pretend when you’re bored.

I would watch it tonight, but not on my tiny tablet! Movies I really love are best saved for bigger screens, so on the day I return home would be better instead!

I’ll admit that I’ve dressed up as many characters growing up, but it seems that being Frollo is my favorite, not just because I have a thing for him, but maybe because I like being a villain, and he’s the one that speaks to me the most. The more I cosplay as his younger female counterpart, the more people associate me with that unique cosplay. That is something I was told by an acquaintance of mine. You know what they say, playing dress up begins when we are born and never truly ends, so you’ll definitely still see me doing this in say…30 years from now!

Anyway, I just thought I put this out there, remind me to either suck it up with the tiny screen and watch the movie tonight, or to watch it as soon as I’m back home at my desktop!


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