One Subject is Not Enough

“If you cling to a rigid image of yourself, you will close yourself off from many opportunities and people. Challenge yourself by actively seeking experiences in fields you have yet to explore.”

That is a quote I found in a book about life lessons and quotes that my mom picked up for me while she was away in St. Maarten. Since then, I’ve been reading into these stories of successful people and this was the one that caught my eye recently.

I learned that German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who like many other composers in that century wrote classical music. But, the one thing that made him stand out from those other composers, was that he wasn’t afraid to try writing different kinds of music aside from his main focus. He did this mainly because he needed extra income to support his children, but I can’t help but think that he also did so because he had a passion for writing music. Therefore, if someone wanted him to write a melody for a funeral, he would done it.

Due to his massive amount of contributions of different projects, he came to be known as the “Father of Music”

It’s called broadening your horizons

So, why am I talking about this? Well, reading this story about Bach reminded me of how things are on this blog. I may be doing this for hobby purposes instead, but it still relates in a way.

Those who know me well, know that I talk about a lot of different subjects on here, but with autism, it can still be a narrow range of subjects. Long-time readers will know me as I started writing about Lordi, and maybe some of you remember me for all those Mass Effect reviews I wrote last year.

I’m a different character here from time to time, I’m not known for just one thing because I talk about multiple topics. But then again, that’s how personal blogs generally can be.

I’ve read articles that sometimes this blogging platform is best suited for hobby bloggers like myself or ones that mean business. I am a member of five blogging communities on G+ and unfortunately it seems like I am the only one in those groups that writes about multiple topics for a leisure purpose.

There are no rules saying you have to stick to one subject. If you write about more than one subject, you might even reach a wider amount of people. Ever considered that?

It’s like this, if you were to write a blog about fashion, but you also enjoy nature, why not write about that too? One of my friends who frequently updates her blog, I’ve seen her write album reviews, but also about her concerts, travels, games, and what’s going on in her life in general. I don’t see enough of that in the blogging community. Where’s the variety?

Dedicating your blog to one subject is like choosing to only eat one kind of doughnut out of all these delicious doughnuts to choose from!

I started to write about just Lordi at the beginning, so my blog’s domain was related to them, and then as time passed and the band KISS entered the picture; I changed the domain again. A few years went by and I went with the flow ignoring the norms in blogging while writing about whatever I felt like writing about, hence I settled with a neutral domain.

I’m pretty sure there’s other blogs out there where people will basically post about whatever they love, but if we were to narrow it down to those people having the same interests as me, or who only posted about one of those particular things, you’re more likely to find those on Tumblr.

I was a Tumblr user at one point where I would post and re-post everything I loved that I pretty much write about here. But, over time I found that this blog begun to dwindle and I missed being more thoughtful by writing things, so I took down my Tumblr account and returned to here.

Bye Tumblr!

When it gets right down to it, it seems that writing has become something on the Internet that should only be done if you’re going to use it for a serious matter. That is why it seems like there are so many blogs out there that are only about one subject because you want to make a business out of it. If it’s not for profit, it’s like you want people to take you seriously as one thing about yourself in your content.

Like I said, some people know me for writing about Lordi, and others may know me for Mass Effect. I’m one character one day, and another the next. I’m also unpredictable, you never know what I’m going to write about when I sit down to do so. One of my readers who helps me manage the G+ Lordi fan group: I asked him what he enjoyed about my blog. He told me how he liked how I was willing to write about different subjects, and how that kept people guessing what was next, he liked the unpredictability of my blog, and that was what made him keep returning for more.
When you write about only one subject on your blog, that’s what your readers will know you for. They will know what to expect out of you. But, if you blog for hobby reasons, don’t you think that after a while you might want to talk about something else you’re passionate about? Surely there is more to your life than just say…… your love for cooking am I right?

Let me put it to you this way: How I see a blog, is like the central hub of your presence on the Internet compared to other social media platforms that you may use. It is a collection of things that sum up who you are and what makes you, you. People who come to read your blog will get to know you. If you only blog about fashion, then people will most likely only see you as a fashion lover. When I go onto someone’s blog site and begin to enjoy reading their posts, eventually I would like to see something different: what else the author has to share about themselves and the things they love.

When that does not happen, that’s when I don’t stick around anymore.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just somebody who is more freely expressive on the Internet and can’t seem to understand why most people see blogging as something where you should only write about one, or a fixed set of popular subjects, especially if you’re just doing it for a hobby. Okay, maybe I still write about a narrow range of stuff, but over the past few years as I have said, that amount is expanding.

Of course, on a personal account such as your Facebook, you’ll definitely feel inclined to share whatever you want, but why should it have to be more restricted with blogging? If you search blogging in general, you’re certainly going to find more business blogs and tips for business bloggers, than you are to find someone like me.

This type of social-networking in my humble opinion, isn’t just meant for just gaining customers, nor is it meant to be just writing about one thing that is popular when it comes to reading articles online.

It’s not enough for me to write about just one topic or a popular one, and I wish there were more bloggers like me out there. They don’t even have to write about the same stuff that I love, but at least have more variety of topics for visitors to read. Luckily, I’ve already found a few, now if only there were more.

Here’s to hoping.


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