Violent Stormbringer

As things slowly get back to normal in the household, I’m gonna get back into my writing.

I don’t usually write about nightmares. But, sometimes I have some very unrealistic ones that are okay to share because they’re not personal.

It started how I was at Canada’s Wonderland; coincidentally I am going there on Tuesday with some friends! I was riding Shockwave and screaming my heart out, and it is one of my favorite rotating rides in the park!

I was walking to get something to eat at a doughnut shop and as I was in line, the sun disappeared behind the clouds. I assumed it was just becoming overcast; no sign of any bad weather. Now, I wonder if those doughnuts were good if I ever ate them in the dream; they have like Tiny Tom at Wonderland but I never buy food in the park, too expensive.

Anyway, just before it was my turn to order, the sky got darker and people started running. I heard a crash of thunder and joined the crowd in escaping the park.

Cars and buses were starting to leave as people piled into them, I managed to get on one of the buses before it left and left the part as the sky got darker.

I kept looking out the window to see that in some places it was raining, and in others it wasn’t but it was still dark. The other passengers began to panic as a big black cloud approached and in it it was like pieces of it were falling to the ground and attacking other vehicles on the road. Everyone began to panic and tried to get the driver to go faster as one of the clouds began to approach the bus, but traffic was jammed like crazy from other people trying to escape this unusual and violent storm; even now was I getting scared.

Suddenly, the bus’s ceiling burst open as a gray cloud-like substance broke into the bus. People started screaming as they tried to break down the door and windows. The driver soon swerved the bus to the side as whatever it was attacking was putting the engine out of control. Upon the tight swerve, it fell on its side and as I got up, I saw the dark cloud reach to grab me and I woke up in bed gasping.

The only thing I can fathom from this dream is that I don’t want the weather to be shitty when I go to Wonderland with my friends on Tuesday. Nothing is worse than cancelled or changed plans because of the weather. It’s like the time I was extremely worried about the thunderstorm risk at my 2nd KISS concert, especially since the venue’s roof did not cover where I was sitting!

No matter, here’s hoping I have a better dream this week.


2 thoughts on “Violent Stormbringer”

  1. Wow, now I want to imagine what the park looked like back then. The forecast says potential storms on Tuesday but I hope it changes. In my hometown most storms don't even hit us. I wonder if your daughter enjoys any of the high thrill rides…oh and I am considering writing an article about my experience growing up going to Wonderland. I think you'll enjoy that. 😉


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