Reminding City Force of Solace Rain – Music of July 2017

Well, here we go! It’s the end of the month and it’s my first time doing this monthly music feature. I’m honestly excited to write this because I get to be more open and honest without any pressure.

So, for the first issue this month, the drill is I post what I feel like I’ve been listening to the most and what has touched me inside, regardless of genre. Some of these are actually from previous months that grew on me, but since I didn’t start this until now, I had to choose a few from earlier.

5. Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens – Reminding Me

A pop song to start with. I heard this on the radio and when I discovered Vanessa Hudgens was in it, my mouth fell open. I haven’t heard from her since the last High School Musical film when I wasn’t even in high school yet! It seems I’ve lived under a rock since she left Disney. This song grew on me after a few times I heard it during commutes and when I would tag along with my mom shopping. It appears to be about a relationship where the two people miss each other, but when I listened to it, I pictured more of long distance love for some reason. Like myself with Jaal and I could not always see him because he was in another galaxy!

4. Iced Earth – Dark City

I feel like this is an underrated song on Iced Earth’s Dystopia album. It is the first album to feature the new singer Stu Block, and his first time writing the lyrics which is normally what Jon Schaffer does. He handles all the writing, but I’d say this song is quite decent with Stu giving it a go. I actually wasn’t fond of this song at first. I liked it a little, but that was all. Then, my iPod started to play it more frequently on shuffle. It and Goin’ Blind by KISS seem to be what it liked to play the most! But, given a dark city; I think about the weather we’ve been having this month: on some days it’s warm and sunny, and on other days it’s dark and raining. This comes into mind when the rain falls. At least this summer we’ve been getting more rain, but there’s still the matter of what August holds!

3. Lordi – Scare Force One

The title song of Lordi’s 7th album. The one album in Lordi’s discography that I felt like I missed out on when I started discovering other bands thanks to them. It was also the only album I did not have a physical copy of, but it was this song that I felt really got me how catchy it was. Lordi is known for bringing melodic and catchy songs that stay with you, while at the same time they experiment with modern metal which is heavier. That’s one thing I love about them; they don’t always stick to their guns, but when they experiment; it still sounds great! This song came back to me after having a dream earlier this month where a blond girl like the one in the music video was torturing and interrogating people. When I have dreams like that, I always seem to wake up when the bad thing is about to happen to me, but instead Lordi came into the room and I suddenly jumped at the moment to offer help with their plan for world domination. Then I was spared and taken away by Amen and OX who were ordered to lock me up until Mr. Lordi decided what was to be done with me. The girl resumed the torture only with a chainsaw. But perhaps the dream would be more fitting to the music video if the torture was done slowly and painfully with whatever that stuff those girls were using.

2. Epica – The Solace System

From Epica’s upcoming EP of the same name. This song has been my jam for quite some time now. Usually most Epica songs take a couple of listens for me to love. There’s only a few that hit you in the face right away, and this is one of them. It’s also different with the animation theme. A lot of people don’t seem to like it for some reason. They say the animation sucks, well I disagree. It kind of reminds me of what you’d see in some comics. I don’t know for sure because I don’t read that stuff anymore, but every comic artist is different. I think the story behind it is the girl; who resembles Simone, is chosen to lead some sort of military faction. The people in her life like her boyfriend don’t seem to believe her, but regardless, she harnesses her abilities and ultimately chooses at the end that this is what she is meant to be. The ending is interesting; like she’s been corrupt or something. Who knows? Since no one had posted the lyrics, I had to listen to this a lot to figure them out. I find myself thinking of the kett, the Archon and Meridian when I listen to this. It’s like Epica is the only symphonic metal band I love that has more of a sci-fi appeal to it than fantasy.

1. Delain – April Rain

My number one for this month would definitely have to be this song. I did not hear it until I saw Delain a second time in April (it wasn’t raining that night but still!). Right away the melody captured my heart and I vowed to hear it again. By the time I did, I was already deep into playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, and in a heartbeat, the fast and beautiful melody made me think of Jaal. I had already started the process of hooking up with him in the game, and as the relationship between him and my Ryder began to build, so did what I picture when I heard this song. Once the in-game relationship was locked in, that sealed my thoughts, and who this song was going to be for. It’s like, I hear a beautiful symphonic metal song and it makes me think of a new/potential fictional crush in my heart. I’ve been loving this song so much since the beginning of June; that was when I locked in the relationship with Jaal when I met his family. I kissed and angara and I liked it! This song makes me think of the build-up of that relationship while simultaneously I am singing in a baby blue dress by the waterfall on Aya where things get steamy between Jaal and I. I know, I know, the song’s lyrics and music video have nothing to do with alien romance, but my imagination just makes me see something else when the melody kicks in.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to add in an honorable mention….

Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit

In honor of Chester, here’s a bonus song. I almost went with my ultimate favourite, or my second, but I thought it would be better for something neutral. I’ve loved this song ever since back in my YouTube days, one of my followers made a tribute video to TFP with this song playing. It’s not as heavy but I thought it was catchy. It makes me think how Chester was trying to overcome his struggles at one point in his life.

And those are my songs of the month, and honestly this was loads of fun to do. I’m happy I can still find a way to share my music here.

Until next time.


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