Man’s Last Devil of Seventh Sun – Music of August 2017

Here we are! Another monthly music post! I'll be completely honest here, it was difficult to choose songs for August. There were quite a few that were relating to me on a personal level, and some that I was just jamming to the most in general.However, once I picked them out, I realized they relate… Continue reading Man’s Last Devil of Seventh Sun – Music of August 2017


Hurricane Across the Amazon

I originally didn't want to write about this dream to not overload myself, but I yielded after seeing how vivid this one was.Dreams about storms and ones that relate to something I want to see are always good.This one started in the jungle and at this moment I thought about Jumanji: A movie where people… Continue reading Hurricane Across the Amazon


Collecting Moments and Considering Quality

I'm not very materialistic like I used to be.That's something I've noticed changing about myself since the start of 2017. For two years, I was always buying stuff, but I have slowly cut back recently and have only purchased things that I really wanted like my Jaal pendant, 3D printed jewelry, Frollo costume, etc.Ever wondered… Continue reading Collecting Moments and Considering Quality

Music and Bands

If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006

Have you ever asked yourself this question whenever you became a fan of a band or artist? Every musician has gone through their prime, and it seems that I'm frequently late to the party since I didn't get into heavy metal until I was 18. So, one thing that really came to my mind after… Continue reading If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006