Avoid the Serpent, Secure the Plush

This new pillow of mine is something I’ve been trying to get used to the past several nights. It also pains me when I get awakened at 2am for whatever the reason. But, I still have my old softer pillow in the closet in case I need to make a switch. I’ve got dreams to write about this weekend, and a few other articles which I will tackle while I’m up at the cottage.

I might as well start with this one from last night.

It wasn’t a very long dream; in fact, I think these were two very short dreams and there isn’t much to talk about in regards to them. So, this’ll be short and sweet.

IT’S GONNA EAT ME!!! I’ll never look at snakes the same way again. Wake the snake!

In the first dream, I could have sworn I was wandering the Chamber of Secrets. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for years, and growing up there was always that scary part at the end. I couldn’t watch the scene with the unicorn blood, but for some reason, I could handle the Basilisk. However, I was scared to go into the basement alone when it was dark because I thought that serpent was hiding down there, its eyes would appear out of the darkness, and the fangs too.

Despite that short terror, I never had many nightmares about it. I recall in this dream. I was wandering around this tunnel, assuming it was just one of those dreams where I got lost. That is, until I came to this open space, and I saw the statue of Slytherin’s face. What scared me instantly was that its mouth was open meaning the Basilisk was slithering around somewhere.Surely for a serpent that large, you could hear rumbling. I became suspicious and hid behind a large rock and kept very still. There were a ton of rocks in the area instead of snake-head statues. As I peered around the corner, I saw the Basilisk slither out from a tunnel across to the right from the statue. I kept myself hidden and watched as it went into the mouth of Slytherin and vanished. The stone face’s doorway sealed up behind it. I felt relieved, but at the same time I was afraid it could emerge any time if I was spotted by someone else. Even if the Basilisk only comes out when called, I was still terrified.
Oh Plo, why wasn’t actually you in this dream? 

This dream is kind of weird. It took place in the den at my house. I was eyeing my brother who was sitting in this cozy round chair that reminded me of a waterbed. I kept wishing for him to get out of it so I could try it out. I think he was ill in that dream. You know what happens, sometimes if you’re sick, you get special privileges like not having to eat at the dinner table! When he finally moved from that chair. I jumped onto it, and found a large plush doll of Plo Koon lying there. I held in a squeal and snuggled up hugging it with its face against my cheek. 

It makes me think of those tsum tsum plushies, there was a Plo Koon one. I almost bought it, but I find myself less materialistic these days, thus not requiring to have a physical form of all my fictional crushes in my room, because what really matters is that they are in my heart and I love them. However, if I see like a plushie, action figure, or jewelry item of them that is good quality I’ll buy it! You know what I really want? A dream where he holds me in his arms on the balcony just like in my fanfiction starring him.
And there you have it, two unusual dreams to write about. Plus, there’s another one that I surprisingly still remember bits and pieces from it. So, I think it’s time I share it. It’s kind of a Jedi dream, but for some reason it doesn’t take place in what looks like the Star Wars universe.
For now, it’s Friday so I think I’ll have myself some pizza and watch a movie.

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