The Final Descent

So, this is another dream article. But this dream is actually from a while ago.

I have no idea how I remember parts of it from say, several months back, but somehow I do, especially if it relates to something I like.

I mean, some dreams I have are quite interesting, but I can’t just write about all of them. If did, this blog would be dominated by dream articles! So, hence I only write about a few. The flying ones are always the best hahahaha!

In this dream, I was a Jedi in a city that reminded me of New York. I was walking through this busy building that was a mixture of other Jedi and civilians. I was constantly on the lookout for some trouble. In the center of the building was this elevator that Jedi could use by voice command to go to any scene, where any trouble was lurking about.

I had used it a few times, but then the most daunting task came when the council ordered me to go down to the “Max” level from the elevator. No one had been down there before and had returned. To me, I felt that someone with more experience could handle that situation. It made me wonder if there really was a problem down there, or that it was a test they were giving me.

When I asked them if there was someone more worthy, they replied that I was the best fit. So I accepted the assignment.

I entered the elevator and commanded it to go to “Max”. It began to descend fast, and soon it began to shake out of control down a dark tunnel.

Pretty soon one of the elevator’s supports snapped, I held onto the bars as the other three followed, and then it crashed into darkness.

It was a rough landing and when I climbed out, I was in a dark place with large pipes running horizontally and vertically all around the room. Strange rat-like creatures were crawling along the pipes, and they looked vicious. I thought they were similar to that one in The Princess Bride only smaller.

I ignited my lightsaber and used the force to levitate my way through the area avoiding the rats. I began to approach a lit doorway, and that was when I really thought this was more of a test than a task, or it would explain why no one else had returned after being sent down there.

If only this one were to continue so that I may find out what lay beyond that light.


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