Unleashed Beyond the Matrix

What a fine evening to write about a concert eh? I’ve been slowly settling into my college workload once again, and I have one assignment this semester that requires me to venture out to one of the local pharmacies and get their permission to conduct the assignment there. It’s not a placement, more like something that can only be done through exposure to the real world stuff.

I told myself to let a week or two pass by so I get settled into the routine of weekly tasks, before I tackle any major assignments like that one. Despite this being only one course, it’s got two parts to it and feels a little heavier than it should be! Oh well, I need to keep busy.

Anyway, onto the concert! To tell you the truth it shocked me how early we had to be there, but since we had VIP: the meet and greet was before the show this time. I had to rush to do my makeup and ended up doing a shimmery purple smoky eye with a touch of glitter and my bright pink lipstick.

You can see me on the verge of elbowing Rob there.

The signings came first, and all of us were just patiently and quietly waiting. I did notice all the guys come in, but I didn’t notice Simone until after she took a picture and sat with them. I was a bit nervous because I only became a fan of Epica last year and hadn’t familiarized myself with every band member. I approached them in order and let them sign the cards with their names on it that came in my loot bundle. All of them were very kind to me, I told them I was a new fan and they didn’t seem bothered if I didn’t know all their names! In fact, they were happy to learn that I was new to the legion, every band is pleased when they get more fans! When I made it to Simone, I was a little shaky. She is, after all, one of my favourite female metal singers.

I told her that I enjoyed reading her blog, especially her posts about her latest makeup hauls and reviews of the products. When I added to that that you can never have enough makeup, she laughed and agreed with me. Honestly, she’s so sweet and chatty in person. If we both had time for a more lengthy conversation, then I would have told her what my favourite makeup brands were and what I used for my look. She could probably give me some recommendations too. We shook hands and I gave her my name, and I recall I did the same with Coen, Mark, and Rob as well. For some reason, with the other members I went a little blank before I could introduce myself! But hey, at least I managed to get some conversation and introduction out of myself this time!

She’s even prettier in person!

After the group photo, Simone let me have a selfie with her. I wanted to laugh when Brayden asked to hug her, she accepted it and reminded him not to do more because she was married. It made me think he was going to try to kiss her or something. I bet you he has a crush on her but he won’t admit it yet! She let me hug her too, and then I gave fist bumps to Mark, Coen, Rob, Arien (he was the one in the band I couldn’t say his name right!), and Isaac. Then we told them we were looking forward to a great show before leaving the room.

I bought myself an Epica patch and wristband and didn’t even notice Simone standing a few meters from my side talking to the person behind the table while I browsed. Then, we decided to hang on the side of the sound set, just by the stairs and it didn’t take long for people to start piling in.

To be quite honest, there isn’t much I can say about the three acts before Epica took the stage. They didn’t engage me as much as I thought they would, but I’ll mention them here still.

Up first was Elantris, who I mistook for Insomnium just because their banner was behind them. If there’s one thing they have in common with Epica, it’s female vocals plus with growling male vocals at certain parts of the song.

Then there was Insomnium and they’re from Finland. They sounded like death metal to me, because it didn’t take long for someone to start a mosh pit when they took the stage. I know that once you get to know me, you may think I talk and act like I am morally opposed to moshing. I’m not, I just do not see the point of it. I understand what people say when participants take care of each other, but it’s easy to get people involved that do not wish to participate: like anyone standing nearby could get accidentally elbowed. But, even if you help others in the pit when they fall, there’s still the risk of getting hurt, and what’s more important? Enjoying your favourite band live, or collecting bruises?

Hence, that’s why I can’t understand some Metalheads that talk about how great the pit is, and how bruised they got. There’s also the matter of due to my autism, I am extremely intolerant of being bumped and shoved around; therefore it’s pretty obvious that it’s not for me.

Anyway, Lacuna Coil came on and they were a bit more interesting than the two previous acts. There was one song that I thought was good, but it’s a shame I cannot remember it. I bet you if I look up the set list and just listen to everything on it, until I find the melody I recall, it’ll come to me what it was.

At this time, I had trouble staying still as I was saving my energy for Epica. My back started to hurt from standing up and I began to lean on the side of the fence from where the sound system was, but as soon as the stage went dark for Epica, that subsided.

It seems whenever I get some sort of uncomfortable feeling in my body during a concert, all it takes is for the act I’m waiting for to come on to make it go away.

The epic loud sound was heard from Eidola. It always sounds like there’s danger nearby, even with the purple lights on the stage.

I must say, they have an excellent stage presence.

Then. once Edge of the Blade started, I was singing the lyrics as best as I could and headbanging. There were still a great many of songs in the setlist that I did not know because I haven’t invested any money on any of their albums I do not have yet. In fact, I haven’t bought any new music for quite some time. 

They also played Unleashed which I’ve recently come to like, as well as Universal Death Squad, and Beyond the Matrix. But, you want to know what made me really happy? Dancing in a Hurricane. That is seriously my all time favourite song on The Holographic Priniciple. (hint hint!) It makes me think of Lewa, while singing and flying through a storm and spinning as I soar. Man, I hope I dream about that one night. It would be the perfect dream to help me escape when things get too stressful. But other than that, there is just something about the melody that I love, especially the chorus.
I didn’t get why Epica started to encourage the moshing. In my opinion: moshing and symphonic metal do not mix. There are many things in life that can combine, but some of them just don’t cut it for me. Then again, when Mark comes in to do his part, it could make more sense. But I don’t want to get into the details of how I saw it. If there’s something that happens at a concert that makes me uncomfortable. I step away from the situation…. unless it’s a band I love with all my heart, then I am willing to stand my ground through it all.
Still, at the end of the night, it was a fantastic concert and well worth the wait. Meeting the band was a great bonus too. I didn’t think I wanted to go to that before the show, but now, I’m glad I did.

Up next, Megadeth and the Scorpions, and between now and then I should focus on getting settled into my routine and work on another chapter when I can.


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